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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

What Our Customers Say - Roman, a Cathedraltown Assignment Seller

a Manager in an Insurance Company,
an Assignment Seller

What Our Customer Says...


TheTeam: Hello Roman, thank you for spending the time with us to do this testimonial.
Roman: No problem.
TheTeam: Would you be able to share with us on how do you come across Fanny?  How's the experience working with her?
Roman: Yes, absolutely.  I actually found Fanny through googling her.  I was looking to sell my assignment, my townhouse.  When I googled "Cathedraltown", her name was one of the firsts that popped up.  Then I clicked on her, she seemed like she really knew, based on her website, what the neighbourhood is going to be like.  She seemed to know the development really well, so I gave her a call.  We got in touch.  She described to me what she could offer - something that I liked, something that fitted me.  And I decided to go with her.
TheTeam: How did it go?
Roman: It went really well.  She was able to actually sell my assignment at pretty much what I wanted.  It was pretty quick, too, considering it was an assignment - it's harder to sell.  She was able to do it in a month or 2.  So that was quite great.  She was really great with her communication skills.  She is really on top of the ball.  I can text her any time.  She responds all the time.  It was great working with her, that way.
TheTeam: That's good.  We are happy that you are happy.  Thank you. 
Roman: No problem.

What's more...
When Roman is off from his busy work schedule, he practices martial arts.  He enjoys going to NHL games (a big Maple Leafs fan).  He and his other half love to explore bakeries and dessert shops to look for sweet treats.

They are looking forward to their new residence in Downtown.  

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