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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Ontario Top 31 Secondary Schools 2011-2012

When our clients search for their homes, they often take into consideration schools available in the area.  In addition to the word of mouth reputation, Fraser Institute's (F.I.) school performance report card is a common benchmarking referenceAs a realtor as well as a parent, I have keen interest in following their reports.

2011-2012 Ontario Secondary School Report Card was just released.  Here is the list of the top 31 high schools in Ontario.

We plotted these 31 schools in Google Maps.  At a quick glance, you can see that the majority are located in the Greater Toronto Area.  21 of them are GTA-based.

Zooming closer to the familiar territory, we find the distribution of these high performing schools as follows:-

Downtown: 3
Midtown: 1
North York: 3
Markham: 5
Richmond Hill: 3 

Although the ranking changes from year to year, there seems to be an established pattern.   Interestingly, these areas have been popular neighbourhoods to many potential buyers.  It may require much further studies to establish any direct correspondence. However, it is safe to say there is a certain halo effect of good schools on the community.

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