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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

What Our Customers Say - Liya & Praneeth

Liya & Pranteeh    


What My Customers Say ...

 TheTeam: Can you tell me your experience with Fanny Lee and her team?
Praneeh: Actually we had a wonderful experience.  Fanny and Wong, both of them are greater deserved.  Very much...
Liya: Yes, Fanny and Wong helped us to sell our house in a limited time at what we wanted.  There were good advices: how can we change the price depending on the market prices.  We were able to sell our house now.  
Liya: We met them actually when we went to an Open House near our street.  Then asked them for a free estimation so we signed them as our real estate agents.  Now we sold our house.  We think we got the market price.  It took a little time but it was all okay with them.  They did a good job for us.  Actually they decorated our house, helped us to make it pretty for showings.  And it was a very good experience with them.
Praneeh: Definitely we are going to recommend to our friends and family.

What's more
In early 2012, we met Liya and Praneeh at one of our Open Houses in Wismer neighbourhood.  We immediately found them friendly, open and candid.  In the mid-year, they called us back and asked us to their home for sale.  

Soon after, the straighter mortgage rules were introduced.  That cooled the property market and pushed many potential buyers to the sideline to wait and see.  

We, together with Liya and Praneeh, took various actions to weather through the impacts resulted from the new market conditions.  We are extremely grateful that Liya and Pranteeh were trusting and patient during the whole time.   

The transaction was just completed recently.  We are happy that they are happy with the results.  We are sure that we will be in touch with this lovely family.

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