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Saturday, January 26, 2013

What My Customers Say - Sandy & Neville

Sandy, Neville & Family 
 (Nurse)     (Risk Management, Banking)

What My Customers Say...

TheTeam: Thanks for doing this for us.  Would you be able to share with our friends and maybe something out there  - who is looking for a realtor - why did you (out of so many realtors) pick Fanny Lee as  your realtor?
Sandy: I picked Fanny.  First of all, I saw a lot of signs with Fanny's name and pictures in there.  When I went on to her website, I watched a few of testimonials from her clients and got really good reviews.  That is why we contacted Fanny to help us with looking for a house.  I thought she is very professional, very prompt in getting back to us through email, text and phone.  She really gave us a lot of advices that we are looking for.  Or we didn't know that we needed to know.  She would tell us a lot of different things about the house.  She is very experienced.
Neville: She is very knowledgeable and she is very informative.  She is very prepared when we go to look for a house.  She is actually able to tell us about all the good thing about the house.  Obviously, there are sometimes bad things, she wouldn't hide that.  She would actually tell us why this is not a good if you are buying this.  So she gave us the chance to consider whether it is going to be the best house for us.  She would actually tell all the pro's and con's of buying this house, why is this a fair market price or maybe the house is overpriced.  She actually would be able to tell us all the information that we need but probably won't be able to find out ourselves because we really don't know the market price.  We can always anticipate what is the price going to be.  We probably think that everything is always higher than they asked for because we assumed that the price is higher than what they wanted.  But at the end of the day, she actually gave us a lot of research to tell us what is the average price, sold prices, so this is very informative.
TheTeam: If you are going to buy, sell, invest in a property, would you call Fanny again?
Neville: For sure.
Sandy: Definitely.
Neville: She is always going to be the first choice of mine unless she is too busy to help me out.
TheTeam: Never too busy for you guys. Ok, thanks a lot.
Neville: You are welcome.

What My Customers Say (廣東話)...

(Transcribed in Chinese) 
 TheTeam: 首先,恭喜Neville及Sandy,還有Isabella on recent purchase.  同時多謝您們願意作這testimonial.  想問在Cathedraltown - 一個很 hot 的 district where 許多 realtors 好著意去 promote - 您們為何挑選 Fanny?
Sandy: 其實,初時留意 Fanny 個名字就是看見很多 For Sale signs 都有 Fanny 的樣子和名字。後來,瀏覽她的 website , 覺得她挺 nice, 又看過一些 testimonials, 她 Clients 給予 Fanny 之 comments 好好,所以就揀選 Fanny。
TheTeam: So far, 您們覺得 Fanny 的服務如何?

Neville: 服務是非常之好。最欣賞就是 - 每當我們需要"睇樓"時,她的 response 好快。其實我們也頗麻煩,in a sense, 因為曾經連續三曰都每一日"睇"一間屋;不是特意這樣安排,而是因為新的 listings 剛好出現。當然最好就能夠 group 起這些房子一起"睇"。但她完全沒有絲毫 frustrated: 沒有感覺"為何總是隔天看一間房子,不太 efficient 呢!" 而每一次去看房子,她都好 prepared.  我提出的問題,她可給我作答,她教我應該那裡找些什麼,,或且這間屋有何獨特的 features、是 positive的、是會 attractive buyers、個 price 是否 fair、會否 overpriced...  她好 fair、好honest.  若房子有什麼不好們,她會坦然告訴你。Even though 她 supposed 是一個 sales, 她都給我好多 information, 讓我之後可以考慮清楚。

TheTeam: 如果有機會的話,您們會否介紹朋友給 Fanny 或再找 Fanny?
Neville: 我會。
Sandy: 已經跟很多朋友談過。
TheTeam: Thank you.

What's more

Neville works for a bank in the risk management area.  In his leisure, he enjoys observing various investment markets.  Over the years, he has developed his own investment view and approach.  His financial planning know-how is no less than any adviser that we met.

On the top of work, looking after 2 adorable daughters, Sandy is a photography enthusiast.  From times to times, she posts her photos which we always enjoy.

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