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Saturday, January 26, 2013

What My Customers Say - Sandy & Neville

Sandy, Neville & Family 
 (Nurse)     (Risk Management, Banking)

What My Customers Say...

TheTeam: Thanks for doing this for us.  Would you be able to share with our friends and maybe something out there  - who is looking for a realtor - why did you (out of so many realtors) pick Fanny Lee as  your realtor?
Sandy: I picked Fanny.  First of all, I saw a lot of signs with Fanny's name and pictures in there.  When I went on to her website, I watched a few of testimonials from her clients and got really good reviews.  That is why we contacted Fanny to help us with looking for a house.  I thought she is very professional, very prompt in getting back to us through email, text and phone.  She really gave us a lot of advices that we are looking for.  Or we didn't know that we needed to know.  She would tell us a lot of different things about the house.  She is very experienced.
Neville: She is very knowledgeable and she is very informative.  She is very prepared when we go to look for a house.  She is actually able to tell us about all the good thing about the house.  Obviously, there are sometimes bad things, she wouldn't hide that.  She would actually tell us why this is not a good if you are buying this.  So she gave us the chance to consider whether it is going to be the best house for us.  She would actually tell all the pro's and con's of buying this house, why is this a fair market price or maybe the house is overpriced.  She actually would be able to tell us all the information that we need but probably won't be able to find out ourselves because we really don't know the market price.  We can always anticipate what is the price going to be.  We probably think that everything is always higher than they asked for because we assumed that the price is higher than what they wanted.  But at the end of the day, she actually gave us a lot of research to tell us what is the average price, sold prices, so this is very informative.
TheTeam: If you are going to buy, sell, invest in a property, would you call Fanny again?
Neville: For sure.
Sandy: Definitely.
Neville: She is always going to be the first choice of mine unless she is too busy to help me out.
TheTeam: Never too busy for you guys. Ok, thanks a lot.
Neville: You are welcome.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Live & Flourish in Beverley Acres - 2 Strathearn Ave, Richmond Hill

* SOLD * Beverley Acres, a Richmond Hill area along between Bavyview Ave and between Highway 7 and Elgin Mills, where Bayview Hill (富豪山莊) is one of the subdivisions, is where educated, we-to-do families raise their children and flourish.  Shopping plazas, schools, community centres, churches and parks are within a few minute drive.  As such, it is a well-sought-after community.

At Bayview and 16th Ave, a couple of streets from Emperor Fine Chinese Cuisine (君臨天下) and Bayview Food Mart ( 好景超級市場) , is our featured 2 Strathearn Ave, a 4 bedroom detached home with a 89 ft. corner lot and an impressive 16 ft. ceiling entrance.  It had been extensively renovated recently.  This beautiful home possesses many classic charms: vintage plank wood floor, marble floor ...

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Living with the Finest - 27 Elkhorn Dr # 20, Bayview Village

* SOLD *  (Feb.1,'13: Ming Pao Property Gold Page 明報地產金頁 中文 article in Chinese )

At the junction of Bayview and Sheppard in Uptown Toronto, there is the Bayview TTC, upscale Bayview Village Shopping Centre of premium branded retails and a number of high end condominiums.  The most outstanding development of the area could easily be the St. Gabriel Village developed by award winning luxury condos builder Shane Baghai.

The most exquisite condo townhomes in Bayview Gardens area is probably St Gabriel Lane - 23 units of 3-storey townhomes with classic exterior and meticulous interiors, landscaped courtyard entrance, double garages right outside of the basement exit, a private elevator providing complete wheelchair access.  On a sunny day, all the goodies (temptations) of Bayview Village Shopping Centre is 5 minute walk away.  On a rainy / snowy day, it takes also about 5 minute from your indoor garage downstairs to the absolute essential from Loblaws (with indoor parking) without exposing to the uncertainty of the weather.  You cannot get much more pampered than this!  Our featured 27 Elkhorn Dr # 20 could be your door to this very exclusive living with the very finest.

Details of this unparalleled home could be found on MLS # C2498517.   This home is so special that it made the Hot Listing of Chinese Real Estate Weekly (CREW). 

 You probably have watched and read enough about this very extraordinary home.  Perhaps, it is the time to meet this beauty in person, with your dear onesMake a booking now.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

GTA Average Home Price Trend

According to TREB Market Watch December 2012
 - number of last month transactions was 3,690, down from 4,585 of Dec.2011;
 - average GTA home sale price for the month was $478,739 vs $449,566 a year ago;
 - new listings dropped by 10%.
In 2012, there were 85,731 resales in GTA through MLS.  The average home resale price was $497,298 representing nearly 7% increase from 2011.

Since TREB tracked GTA home sale price in 1966, the average home price grew from $21,360 to $497,298 (23 times) in these 46 years.  In other words, GTA home value has grown with an average of +7% every year from 1966 to 2012. 

Wishing all a very merry 2013.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Article on Living Realty Group

Chinese Real Estate Weekly (地産周刊) had an in-depth article on Living Realty Brokerage on Dec. 21, 2012.  

First, they interviewed our Chairman Stephen Wong about the multi-pronged development of the entire group: Living Property Management, International Home Marketing Group, Living Construction and Brokerage.  

Then, CREW talked with our branch manager David Wong about Living Realty brokerage business.   Karl and I, also shared our views on having Living as our brokerage.

Interested?  You can read at CREW, here, or the extracted text below.  ENJOY.

(轉載: 地産周刊 December 21, 2012 "特別"專欄)   

根深葉茂 面面俱到——記多元發展的恒生地産集團公司

提起大多倫多地區曆史最爲悠久的華人房地産公司,恒生地産當之無愧。恒生地産1980年由公司現任主席黃柱先生創立。32年來,恒生由一間4人公司現已發 展成近千人的集團公司,旗下擁有3間多方位的地産相關公司和5間地産經紀分公司,地産經紀人數達500人。恒生規模的不斷壯大本身就證明暸其經營策略的正 確性。