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Friday, November 30, 2012

I Buy Condos, Tenants Pay My Mortgages

On Nov. 10, Jacqueline So wrote a Toronto real estate related cover story for Ming Poa Saturday Weekly titled :  "我買柏文,租客供" (loosely translated to "I buy condos, tenants pay my mortgages").  The explanatory title highlights this piece 's refreshing perspective: "辣招壓巿成投資良機" - "tough rules regulating the market could be a good investment opportunity."

Like other thorough works of Jacqueline, she shared stories of a couple of condos owners and interviewed with TREB 's Jason Mercer, a fellow realtor and myself.  It is a solid article.  For those who missed this article, here is a scanned version :1st page, 2nd page, and 3rd page.


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