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Thursday, September 6, 2012

What My Customers Say - Jenny & Ralph

Jenny, Ralph & Ryan

What My Customers Say ...

Jenny:   Hello, I am Jenny.
Ralph:   I am Ralph.
Jenny:   We had 2 properties: 1 condo and 1 house.  While we were deciding which property to keep, we got to know Fanny through friends.
Jenny:   Fanny is a really good realtor.  Once she understood our situation, she recommended us to keep the house.  Because... as she explained... the value and the investment potential of our house outweighed that of our condo.
Jenny:   For a realtor, selling our house could generate more commission dollars.  However, she really acted for our best interests and according to our circumstances.
Jenny:   As it turned out, we made the right decision.  We thank Fanny from the bottom of our hearts.  She is really good.  Highly recommended.
Ralph:   Thank you.

Jenny:   Hello, 我是 Jenny.
Ralph:   我是 Ralph.
Jenny:   我們之前擁有的物業分别一個 Condo 及一間 House。 當我們正在 make decision 究竟 keep 個 Condo 或間 House... 經朋友介绍之下,認識 Fanny 
Jenny:   她真是一位好好的 Realtor當她了解我們情况後,她就二話不説替我們 make decision 決定 keep 間 House
Jenny:   因為... 她同我們詳細解釋... 我們 House 的價值、potential 利潤 -在投資而言- 會比 我們個 Condo 優勝。
Jenny:   其實對一位 Realtor 來說,賣一個 House 的 benefit 和利潤高過 Condo, 但 Fanny 她不求個人利益,她會設身處地考慮我們的情況去幫我們作 decision.  
Jenny:   最後,我們真的 make 了個 right decision, 我們很衷心多謝 Fanny.  Thank you very much.  She is very good.  Highly recommend.Ralph:   Thank you.

What's more
Like many families from Hong Kong, Jenny and Ralph decided to move to and settle in Canada for a more enriching environment for Ryan's - their son - development. 

Ralph was a police officer in Hong Kong.  Now he is working in automobile maintenance here in GTA.  He has provided us with many good tips and contacts.  

For those who plan to improve your home, you could contact Jenny for building material as she is working in a hardware store serving the Scarborough community near Pacific Mall.

Thanks Jenny and Ralph for their trust and friendship.  We are happy to see their beautiful home in Wismer area appreciating healthily.  They are definitely fun to be around with.  All the best.

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