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Saturday, July 21, 2012

What My Customer Says - Bilyana

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What My Customer Says ...


Bilyana:  Hi, my name is Bilyana.  Together with my husband Dimitar, my daughter Victoria and our little one here, we had the pleasure to have Fanny as our real estate agent when we bought our beautiful house.  Fanny also helped us to sell our condo at the time.
Bilyana:  What can I say about her...  She is very professional.  She gave us good advice.  She wasn't one of the pushy real estate people that are rushing us to make a decision really fast.  She cared what we needed and what we wanted to do. 

Bilyana:  Later on when it was the time to sell our house, without hesitation, we decided to go with her - without looking at any other real estate agent.  That process went very well, as well.  So we have been very lucky that way.  We tried to recommend her to friends and family.  Without any hesitation, we would definitely recommend Fanny.
Bilyana:  And what you want to know is that - she is almost like a friend of your family.  When Fanny comes to our place, my daughter Victoria, who is 3 1/2, always says: "look, Mommy, your friend Fanny is here today."  So that tells you what kind of a person she is.  I would definitely recommend working with her.

What's more
First of all, congratulations to Bilyana and Dimitar for their new born daughter. 

It has been an absolute pleasure to know and work with this dynamic, professional, savvy, fair and kind couple.  We are honored to be of assistance as Bilyana and Dimitar continue to progress: up-scaling from their condo to the gorgeous house; and relocating to the bigger and better opportunity in the West Coast. It is inspiring to see their devotion and hard work yielding fruits.

We are looking forward to seeing them, adorable Victoria and meeting the young princess soon.  All our blessings to this wonderful family.

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