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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Cathedraltown. 地靈人傑. Unique. Serene. Outstanding.

( last updated Jul. 22, 2012; first published Dec.15, 2011 )

Cathedraltown.  Unique.  Serene.  Outstanding.  

The neighbourhood of Cathedraltown is unquestionably unique in its design and planning.  And for most who have visited or seen pictures of the place,  it is inevitable to sense the tranquility transcended.

As for "Outstanding", let's highlight some of the demographic data. 
- 52% ages between 25 to 54
- 2/3 are married
- more than 2/3 with university or college education
- average household income of $124,791

Given 1/3 (33%) of Cathedral residents are under 25 year old and 21% are of Grade 8 or younger, schools are essential.  Even the community is young, there is no shortage of quality education.

- Lincoln Alexandra Public School
- Sir John A Mcdonald PS
- St Monica Cathaloic Elementary School
- CES in Cathedraltown (planned)
- Sir Wilfrid Laurier Public School (French Immersion)

High School
- Richmond Green High School
- St. Augustine Catholic High School

Montessori / Private
- Trinity Montessori School
- Victoria Square Schoolhouse

With such a school network and child friendly environment, Cathedraltown is an ideal neighbourhood for young families to root and prosper.

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Living in Cathedraltown.
Unique. Serene. Outstanding.

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  1. Michael J Fox PS will be open in Sep 2012. Here is a photo of the site last week.

  2. And this is where the St. Monica CES potential site is.

  3. The York Region School Board ps has been renamed to Sir John A. Mcdonald PS

  4. Plus, there is a site allocated for a Catholic School Board elementary school. It is unlikely to be called St. Monica CES, as well.