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Friday, April 27, 2012

What My Customers Say - Crystal & Dong

Crystal Ye(葉晶) & Dong Xu(許冬)
Violinist                  Pianist       

What My Customer Says ...

(Transcript - Testimonial begins at 2:09)
TheTeam: Bravo!  Beautiful!  Crystal and Dong, thank you for doing this for us.  Can you share with us your experience with Fanny, as your real estate agent?
Dong: We met Fanny about a month ago.  We were looking for a new house.  My wife Jing contacted her.  We met her.  My first impression was: Fanny is so knowledgeable and she is so nice...

Crystal: And she is beautiful.
Dong: Very smart.
Crystal: We have so many realtor agent friends around us.  The first time we met her, we felt so close, like a friend.
Dong: Like a great friend of ours.
Crystal: And her experience - she told us about the house, the area, the school.
Dong: She is a great help.  We do thank her for helping us to find this...
Crystal: Dream house.  We are so happy!
TheTeam: We are happy for you, too.  Thank you.

What My Customer Says (in Mandarin)...

(Chinese Transcript - Testimonial starts at 2:12)

TheTeam: Crystal & Dong, would you be able to share with the audience your experiences working with Fanny?  Maybe in Mandarin?
Dong: Sure.  Okay.
Crystal: 我是小提琴家葉晶。
Dong: 我是許東,鋼琴家。
Crystal: 我們很高興可以和大家分享音樂,也更高興和大家講跟 Fanny 認識個程。我們第一次見到她是一個很偶然的機會。但已經感到非常熟悉,像朋友一樣。她很熱情,也很專業,在很快的時間就幫我們找到我們非常喜歡、夢想的房子。
Dong: 對!好像她在這個買賣過程當給了我們很大的幫助,因為她非常專業。最後又給我們一個非常理想的價位。
Crystal: 對呀!地點、各方面、我們對這個不很了解,她給我們介紹這房子很多的資訊。現在,在很短的時間,我聽說已經有升值。所以謝謝她非常專業、非常熱心,不是像一般的買房、賣房‧‧‧
Dong: 以後如果我有朋友要買房,我一定叫他找 Fanny.
Crystal: 因為她一定會幫你找到理想、你喜歡的 dream house.
TheTeam: 謝謝。

What's more
Dr. Xu  grew up studying in Central Conservatory of Music (中央音乐学院).  He earned his Master degree from Eastman School of Music.  His DMA is from University of Cincinnati College - Conservatory of Music.  Dong, as a soloist as well as a chamber musician, has performed throughout China and North America.  He has also published piano study material (including CD).

Crystal made her debut in New York Carnegie/Weill Hall in 2002.  She has performed in Canada, US, China and Asia.  In addition to her soloist career, Crystal has been a concertmaster for a number of orchestras.  She is currently the concertmaster of Kindred Spirits Orchestra.

Both Dong and Crystal teach, they have incubated a number of talents.  Crystal could be reached via email or (647) 894-2828. 

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