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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Live & Cherish... SAFEBOX Condo Vaults

We all have our treasures.  These could be jewels or gold coins, deeds or certificates, or the ring passed down from the great grandmother, or maybe the class photo from the distant kindergarten, or the movie ticket stubs of your first date with your spouse, or the birthday card that you received from your oversea grandson when he could barely write, or...  They are most the precious and need to be preserved with utmost protection.

Safebox!  YES!  As banks continue to improve their bottom line, their safeboxes are now provided only for a fee or as a privilege to the premium customers.  In one way or another, you are renting secured space from the bank.  Then why not own your own vault with the same level of security?

SAFEBOX Condominium Vaults is exactly that...

You could own a piece of property, in the form or a safebox within a vault, on # 8 Steelcase Road W (Steeles & Woodbine).  Chubb Edwards provides the security for the entire facility.  On the top of layers of security as you drive in to garage, the access to your safebox is protected by biometric scanning, digital photo recognition, PIN and dual key access. (details : product overviewfloor plan, preview price)

The "Gold" unit is only priced at $3,500 while the "Platinum" at $5,500 at the preview.  Just like any other condos, you could re-sell your units as and when you wish.

There will be a sales exhibition event on Saturday. March 31, 2012.  We are the exclusive broker of this innovative real estate, contact us for details.

Live and Cherish the Most Precious 

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