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Sunday, January 1, 2012

What My Customers Say - Wilson, Daisy & Joelle

Wilson Lee (Engineer), Daisy, Joelle

What My Customer Says ...

Wilson: I know Fanny for a long time and find her very professional.  And she gives me very timely advices.  I asked questions before investing on downtown condos, she gave me a lot of good advice and a lot of information, for me to consider, on where to invest, how to invest, and most importantly, what to do with the investment property.  I find that Fanny is really willing to help a lot of people, especially her clients.  And I think she can be relied on to do many good things for many different types of people: those looking for investment property or those looking for a house to live.  I highly recommend Fanny to be a real estate agent for  you.

What My Customer Says (in Cantonese)...

(Chinese Transcript)
Wilson我已經認識 Fanny 很久,也經常問及一些 investment advice.  她非常幫忙。她處事很 professional, 她的 advice 和意見十分 timely.  有一次,我問及 Downtown Condos 之 Market  情況,她給予我很多的資料。我發覺 Fanny 工作非常快, 和能夠給她的 clients 要好的 advice. 我很滿意她的專業精神和工作態度。我 recommend 若有什麼問題,不妨請教 Fanny, 尤其是在 real estate 方面。

What's more

Wilson has been a math whiz.  He won mathematical contest in B.C. when he was young.  Nowadays, professionally, he is a network guru.  In his leisure, he keeps himself current with the latest technology and gadgets.  He definitely is our go-to-man for all things technical.

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