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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What My Customers Say - Jenny & Raymond

 Jenny & Raymond

What My Customer Says (in Cantonese) ...
Jenny: I got to know Fanny through my daughter - she knew Fanny at the brokerage.  Subsequently, we let her know our requirements: price range, locations and ... etc.  She promptly found homes that met our requirements.  But not this one.  Very fortunately, on the first day this house came onto the market, Fanny showed us.  Who knew?  The first time we saw this home.  We loved it!  The location, the layout, the price - it all fitted us.  Very good.  Then, we needed her to sell our old house.  Through the listing process, we realized that Fanny went about it very professionally and devotedly.  She listed our  home with competence and smartness.  Thank you, Fanny. 

Jenny 謝太: 我透過女兒認識 Fanny - 他們是在地產公司裏相識. 之後,我要求她替我們找某一價錢、某一些 locations 的房子。其實,她很快已經給我們找到些合付要求的屋 - 不過,當初開始不是馬上找到這一間房子。 在一個偶然的機會,在這間屋子 first day 拿出來賣的那天,她就帶我過來看。麼料我們一看,就看中了!  非常合我心意,好好!無論 location、房屋結構、價錢都 OK。 接著,她又我們賣了舊的房子。 在賣房的過程中,發覺 Fanny 好專業、好用心去幫我們。 她用專業精神及智慧來銷售我的屋子 - 賣得好好、好快。 多謝 Fanny 。

What's more

Mr. Tse is a seasoned renovation professional.  He has a very high standard.  Although they have been contemplating to change home for over a decade, they had not find anything that they liked enough to make the big move - until this one.  It is such a honor and pleasure to take part in their search for their "dream home".

THANK YOU - Raymond, Jenny, Sophie and Henry - for your trust and opportunity.

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