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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Crosby Heights Public School, Richmond Hill

A couple of weeks ago, I browsed through Ming Pao Property Goldpage.  There was an article on "Crosby", I wanted to add to that.  Here it is.

Crosby Heights Public School in Beverley Acres neighbourhood, Richmond Hill serves the area bordered by Bayview Ave, Centre St, Yonge St and Elgin Mills Rd.  Crosby Heights celebrated its 50th anniversary last year.

Crosby Heights PS along with Bayview Glen PS (Thornhill) received recognition last year at Garfield Weston Awards for Excellence in Education.  Crosby Heights won in the category of Improvement in Academics - most consistent improvement over previous 5 years.  (reference:

If you are choosing a home with a quality homeschool, EQAO results or Fraser Institute Report Card are key references.  But there is more!

As I pointed out in an interview with Life@5, EQAO score and consequently the FI Report Card can be skewed if the school offers Gifted Program.  Up until this school year, Crosby Heights was the only public school offering Gifted Program (Grade 4 - Grade 8) in Richmond Hill.  There were more gifted Grade 4 students than mainstream Grade 4 students each year.  As such, the EQAO Grade 6 result is likely to be influenced by the addition of the gifted students.  

When you move into area, your kids are entitled to get into the mainstream program. To  enroll into the Gifted Program, your children need to be assessed and identified as "gifted".  Another wonderful thing about York Region School Board is that it offers Grade-3'ers with free, in-school cognitive assessments.

There is so much more to learn and discuss about schools.  If you wish to share your opinions, leave comments here or on our Facebook.

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