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Saturday, August 6, 2011

What My Customer Says - Will

Will Chan
Business Owner

What My Customer Says...

(English translation)

TheTeam: Hello Will, thank you for agreeing to be interviewed.  You commissioned Fanny to look for a home for you.  We would like to know how Fanny helped you through the process.

Will: Fanny is really helpful.  At that time, during my transition from being a single to become a married man, I needed to find a home for my family.  Fanny worked very thoroughly.  I had told her about our requirements, she came back with many homes that met our needs - we had plenty of choices.  She is a very responsible agent.  She returns my calls or emails promptly.  The entire process went very smoothly.  I rate her service "very good".

TheTeam: If you need to upscale or invest, will you use Fanny again?

Will: She will be the first one I call because I have confidence in her.  If we have any real estate need, she will be our first choice.

TheTeam: Thanks, Will.

Will: My pleasure.

(Chinese transcript)
TheTeam: Hello Will, 多謝你接受訪問。你曾經委託Fanny替你找房子,我們想了解在什麼地方Fanny可以幫忙。

Will: Fanny 非常 helpful。當時,我需要找一個地方給我和family -- 是一個transition from being a single to a married man。她辨事非常負責 -- 我把房屋的要求告訴她,她就為我們找出許多符合的樓盤,讓我們有很多的選擇。各方面都弄得好好。 她是一位很有責任感的 agent, 每一次我電或 email 她,她亦很快給我回覆。在整個過程裏,一切都很 smooth, 我對她服務之評價是 "非常好"。
TheTeam: 如果你需要換屋或投資,你會否再託 Fanny?
Will: 她一定是我第一個會找的人,因為我對她已經有信心。所以若我在地產方面有需求的話,她必是我的首選。
TheTeam: 謝謝,Will。
Will: 不用客氣。

What's More
Will has found and owned the place where he has rooted his family.  Since settling in their cozy home, Maggie and Will had have their adorable son.

Will, thank you for your trust and support.  It has been our privilege to know you and your lovely family. 

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