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Sunday, August 21, 2011

What My Customer Says - Tim


What My Customer Says (in Mandarin)...

(English Translation)

TheTeam: Tim, could you share with us your work and experience with Fanny?
Tim: Okay, I could. To me, Fanny is not just a realtor but also a good friend and a great help. All this time I have been in Canada, all my real estate matters - some for investment, some for self-use, are handled, transacted and taken care of by Fanny. In areas that I am not familiar with, she helps out and teaches me. She sorts things like staging, Canadian real estate law, fine details and precise numbers out with me. In addition, my English is so-so, therefore, she translates. Fanny is a straight forward and easy going person. Basically, whatever I require, I want to know, she always tries her best to find out more and provide me with some good advice. It is a pleasure to work with her. There is more. My insurance and investment fund are looked after by her. Therefore, I would suggest all to contact her if you have any need, not only buying or selling homes but also other transactions.
TheTeam: Thank you, Tim.
Tim: Okay, fine.

(Chinese Transcript)
TheTeam: Tim, 可以跟我们​​分享一下你和 Fanny 的合作及过中经历?
Tim: Ok, 可以。Fanny 对我来说,不只是一个地产经纪这么简单,她也是一个很好的朋友,亦是一个很好的帮手。我来了加拿大这么久,很多房子-- 有一些是投资,有一些是自住-- 全都是 Fanny 帮我去弄的、去买的、去跑的。在很多我不晓的东西上,她都可以帮我、教我。比如说,装修方面、加拿大地产法律方面、很多事务、很多数字、买家具... 等等,她都帮我去跑。另外,我的英文不太好,她也帮我去翻译。她是一个很爽快的人。基本上,我有什么要求、想知的东西,就算她不会,她也会尽力给我找出答案、给我一些很好的建议。所以我觉得跟她的合作是非常愉快。还有、我自己的人寿保险和基金,她一直有帮我去弄。所以我会建议所有人,有什么问题,都可​​以去找她。不单只是地产,各方面的买卖都可以找她。
TheTeam: 谢谢你,Tim
Tim: Ok, 

What My Customer Says (in Cantonese)...

(English Translation)
TheTeam: Hello Tim, would you share with us your working relationship and experience with Fanny?
Tim: Ok. To me, Fanny is not only a realtor. We have known and worked with each other for quite a while. She has been taking care of my mutual funds, insurances, real estate transactions and investment. Fanny is hardworking. She always tries her hardest to solve my problems: working out numbers (I bought and flipped houses); fulfilling tax requirements; and even getting mortgages. For issues that she is not sure, she will call, search and do what she possibly can to find out. Therefore, I suggest: if you need help, not only on real estate, you can reach her. So far, I have been very satisfied about our every project, every transaction. It has been perfect.
TheTeam: Thank you, Tim.
Tim: Ok, sure.

(Chinese Transcript)
TheTeam: Hello, 你好,Tim, 可否給我們分享一下你與Fanny之間的合作關係和經驗?
Tim: Okay, Fanny對我來說,不單只是一位地產經紀。我認識她相當時間,亦已經有一定的合作關。無論是生活上的基金、保險、買賣房屋或投資,她也幫助我很多。Fanny很勤奮。一直以來合作中,我所有的問題、疑難,她也盡量為我解決。不論在數字上面(因為她替我買了很多房子去flip樓)、在稅務方面、甚至乎在mortgage(按揭)方面,她全都可以幫助我。有很多問題,就算她不曉得,假若我提出,她會幫我四處打聼、call、問、盡力為我find out。因此我會見議任何人有任何問題,不單是在地產上,在所有問題上都可以找她。So far, 每一次的合作,每一次的買賣,我也是非常滿意因所有都是perfect的。
Tim: Okay,好。

What's more
Since his early 20's, Tim has ventured into his entrepreneur journey with families and friends.   Projects and experiences ranges from cafe, lounge, restaurant to business services, advertising and distribution...   His latest addition is vending.

Singer/songwriter Hinson Chou 周子揚 is Tim's cousin.

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