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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What My Customer Says - Perry

Perry Chen
Businessman, Investor

What My Customer Says... 

(English translation)

TheTeam: Thank you for doing this interview with us.  We understand that you run your own business. Do you also invest?

Perry: Yes, I invest in mutual funds, stocks and recently 2 to 3 preconstruction homes with Fanny.

TheTeam: Throughout these home investments, how do you find Fanny's service?

Perry: First of all, I have known Fanny for 2 to 3 years.  From numerous contacts with Fanny, I find her keen and passionate in what she is doing.  From my perspective, she is a consultant to me.  In other words, for all aspects of a home investment, she provides me with all the details.  For example. she would go: "this is how the neighbourhood is like right now and potentially could develop to become like this.   You ought to think it through ..."  

Perry: Even though she is busy, she still spends a lot of time and effort in my project - not many realtors could manage it.  I don't blame them because it is not easy.

Perry: I enjoy working with her.  I recalled the first time she listed my home.  I was in China at the time.  She called me in her early morning to tell me that the home had been sold.  I asked; "that quick? only 1 day?"  She simply answered: "yes."  This has made a deep impression.  From then on, for all my real estate transactions, be it a preconstruction or an existing home, I go with Fanny.  I am confident in her and I need not to worry.  All I have to do is to leave her with the key and she takes care of the rest.

TheTeam: Thank you, Perry.

Perry: Thank you.

(Chinese transcript)


有,在 Mutual Funds, Stocks 和近來做一些樓宇投資,像我跟Fanny買了兩、三個樓花。




Perry: Thank you.

What's More
For Perry, investing (in a business or an asset) is a game that he enjoys playing.  He has fun developing, testing and applying strategies with tactics to do better than or beat the opponent (the market).  He loves what he does.

On the top of shopping for business and homes, he also has a good time shopping for furniture, wines and shoes.

Perry, thank you for everything.

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