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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Impeccable Living at George Heenan St, Cathedraltown

As said in the earlier Brumwell Lane post, we continue to feature additional new Cathedraltown detached homes releasing this summer.  

These soon-to-be-ready new Andrin built houses locate on George Heenan St, a block inward from Woodbine Ave Bypass and between Anthony Roman Rd and Count Crystan Ave.  (refer to map)

To give you idea of their whereabouts and exterior, here are some recent photos of these stunning detached homes   If wish to find out how the interior may look like, here is a video of a previously featured townhouse done by Andrin on Woodbine Ave Bypass.  

If you are interested in owning an address of this exquisite community, do not hesitate to reach us through email, facebook or twitter.

Impeccable Living at George Heenan St.
Cathedraltown, Markham


  1. The community is a good choice for residency. Various facilities just need to be added there.

  2. The area is under rapid development. Michael J Fox PS is being built for operation coming school year. Also notice a lot of work around the Cathedral area - where piazza will be.