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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Living with Splendour in Brumwell Lane, Cathedraltown

Cathedraltown - what a community of tremendous character and location!  (If you follow this blog, you must have already known how much we "heart" this neighbourhood.  These are the previous posts: here, here and also here.)

Andrin Homes is a key developer of the Cathedraltown project.  We did feature a gorgeous townhome unit on Woodbine Ave By-pass in this YouTube video

For the past couple of years, Andrin has been constructing their Phase 3D 3E,  the area confined by Woodbine Ave By-pass, Alsop Dr, Betty Roman Blvd and Anthony Roman Rd.  Good News to the owners as well as those who are interested in brand new ready-to-move-in homes, these phases will be ready for occupancy this summer.  Yes, only a few weeks away.

We will be putting a number of these stunning detached homes on the market.  Here is an early preview of the excitement in store.


These Brumwell Lane units faces a large open green park along the creek with belvederes plus the panoramic view of distinctive architecture of Betty Roman Blvd with Woodbine Ave and Woodbine Ave By-pass on either side.

There will also updates on these new Brumwell Lane homes.  Preview of additional new Cathedraltown homes are coming soon.  So, stay in tune here or join us on Facebook.  Of course, you can also reach us through email

Living with Splendour in Brumwell Lane
Cathedraltown, Markham

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