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Thursday, June 2, 2011

GTA Average Home Price

Do your visiting friends and families ask, "what is the average price of a home here?"

If you don't know already, here is the answer.... According to Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB), the average price of single-family homes (including various home types) transacted in 2010 was $431,463.

The average single-family home price was first tracked in 1966.  A home for a family was $21.360.  Over the past 44 years, the average home price has been multiplied by 20 times.

The average annual change rate of GTA home price is +7% for the past 44 years.  Toronto real estate has been a good investment vehicle for the past decades.  Of course, right location, right price and preparedness to wait are key success factors.

For those who love numbers, the table to the right is for you.

To sign off, here is our slogan. 

Own Homes.  Grow Wealth.  Pass It On.

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