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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New Condo - CELEBRATION Condos at Bridlewood Mall

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It worths much celebration.

Bridlewood Mall conveniently locate at Finch and Warden; 2 blocks away from Hwy 404 and Hwy 407; steps from TTC; among schools and  parks; near hospital, YMCA and many more shopping malls and plaza.  A redevelopment effort is underway to expand the commercial area while building about 1,000 homes (in a few buildings) at the North and South end of the existing mall.

This is going to be the happening place!  And you can own a home there.  

CELEBRATION Condiominiums at Bridlewood Mall Phase 1 (direct link to Bridlewood Mall) is where all these exciting transformations begin.  

Celebration Condos is a project of Malibu (developer of Harbourfront, Boutique, Tableau, to name a few) and Fishman Group, a holding company with many real estate asset, including Bridlewood Mall.  Celebration 's architecture is done by the award-winning Page & Steele  Architects.

First time buyers as well as investors really  have a lot to celebrate.  With the tremendous location, all the exciting new development while leveraging existing facilities and amenities, the price is incredibly attractive: 1 bedroom suite starts at $185,900. 

New Condo Project:    Celebration Condos at Bridlewood Mall Phase 1
Location:                    Warden and Finch (exact address TBD)
Developer:                  Malibu Investment Inc. & Fishman Group
Architecture:               Page+Steele  Architects
Construction Status:     Preconstruction
Target Occupancy:       December 2014

Details:                        Features & Finishes
                                   Floor Plans (via email request)
                                   Price List (via email request)

VIP Promotional Offer (for sales completed by May 22,2011)
                                      1. Special "Cash Back"
                                        $ 4,000 cash back on any 1 bedroom or 1+1 unit
                                        $ 5,000 cash back on any 2 bedroom or 2+1 unit
                                        $ 6,000 cash back on any 3 bedroom unit
                                    2. Stainless Steel Kitchen Applicances
                                    3. Laminate Flooring in All Bedrooms
                                    4. 1 Parking included in Purchase Price
                                    5. Locker Special: $ 3,500 each
                                    6. Cap om Levies & Development Charges: $ 4,500
                                    7. 1 Free Assignment Allowed up to 90 Days Before Occupancy
                                    8. 1 Free Name Change Allowed within 10 Day Rescission Period

Deposit Structure:          5% of purchase price with offer
                                    Further 5% payable in  90 days
                                    Further 5% payable in 270 days
                                    Further 5% payable on Occupancy

Be ahead of the pack!  Take advantage of the VIP Promotional Offerings and Pricing of Celebration Condos Phase 1.

Live and Rejoice
Celebration Condominiums
at Bridlewood Mall


  1. I like the design of the infrastructure. I would like to view the interiors of the unit.

  2. These are pre-construction condos. The developer has a presentation centre with site plan, renderings and floor plans. Celebration Condos do not currently have a demo unit.

  3. When will phase 3 prices and floor plan be available

  4. We haven't heard yet. If interested, please email us with your name and contact. We will get in touch once we have words.

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