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Friday, April 29, 2011

What My Customers Say - Chikako & Matt


Matt Malvern (Teacher)
& Chikako Suzuki

What My Customers Say...
Q: "Can you just share with us how was your experience having Fanny as your real estate person?"

Matt: "Fanny is a fantastic real estate agent... She is professional.  She is caring and she is not an aggressive sales person.  She takes into account what your needs and your budget are.  It is absolutely a pleasure working with her."

Chikako: "She was so sweet, really professional.  And I didn't feel uncomfortable with her from the beginning.  I really really love her.  She is really wonderful."


Q: "Do you mind sharing with us your experience in Japanese?"


Matt: "ありがとうございました。"

What's More
Since our interview in February, a couple of major events took place.

- There was a severe earthquake in Japan.  Fortunately, Chikako 's family in Japan is safe and sound.  Our thoughts and prayers go to the affected people in Japan.

- Chikako and Matt welcomed their new born son.  Congratulations. 

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