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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What My Customer Says - Durbar


Durbar Islam
IT Consultant

What My Customer Says...
Q"How was your experience of having Fanny as your realtor?"

"It was a pleasure.  She is really professional and friendly...  I appreciate her hard work.  I am going to definitely refer her to my friends and my colleagues...  So it was perfect."

What's More
Visits with Durbar 's family are always enjoyable.  On the top of the warm reception, we would always have great conversations, stimulating ideas and smiles / laughters from their adorable boys.  

One time, we asked him why there have been so many computer experts with similar background as his.  He explained that they had little when they grew up back then.  And yet, all the young people saved up to buy their computers.  Afterward, they devoted themselves in developing their skills, expertise and careers and thus tickets to places of their choice.

If your business needs some solid IT consultancy, Durbar could be reached in LinkedIn.

Thanks to Durbar and family.   

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