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Monday, March 14, 2011

Our YouTube Channel

T is keen to begin his pursuit as a real estate investor.  We identified various condos as potential opportunities.  During our tour, I needed to work on my iPhone to address a couple of timely issues.  It was then T discovered my YouTube channel.

If you are like T, let me quickly introduce you to my video channel (

Q. What is this YouTube channel?
A. It is a place where you can find videos of our featured homes being listed.  You could also hear "What My Customers Say" and view my media interviews.  Plus, there are tips and tidbits from us.

Q. Where to find Fanny's YouTube channel?
A. 2 of the easier ways.

Of course, you can simply search "Fanny Lee" in YouTube or google.

Happy Viewing.

(PS. T has become very interested in preconstruction condos given the leverage.)

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