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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What My Customers Say - Ubah & Hassan


What My Customer Says...
Q: "How was your experience working with Fanny as your agent?"

Ubah: "... actually I had a few agents. I gave them to sell this house. We couldn't connect. But she is amazing. We connected. She is a fabulous person... Fanny is the best with what happened to me..."

Ubah"Je dis merci à Fanny. Fanny, c'est un bon agent. Elle travaille bien..."

What's More
Ubah grew up in a large family (17 siblings) with a Francophone background.  Now that they are all grown up and established.  While the brothers have formed their own venture, the sisters set up a fund.  Ubah and sisters are particularly keen in investing on properties.

Hassan, Ubah's charming other half (could not make the interview) also works at a real estate related profession.  He runs a home building/improvement business.

It has been my great pleasure to meet and work with Ubah, Hassan and their three lovely daughters.  I am so very grateful to your trust and opportunities.

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