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Thursday, February 17, 2011

What My Customers Say - Kanna, Baldwin & Amir

Kanna Qiu, Azan Baldwin Hamid, 
Amir Henry Hamid & Grandma

What My Customers Say...

Baldwin: "... strong confidence in Fanny 's service. We leave everything with her while we are having our baby..."

Kanna: "Next time when we are buying or selling houses, we will definitely call Fanny again." 

Baldwin: "... 十分有信心...Fanny 跟到好足,然之後又幫我地爭取一個好好嘅價錢..."

Kanna: "係呀!我地乜都交比佢..."

What's More
Kanna is a multi-talented artist.  On the top of teaching arts to children, she designs and performs singing.  She is on Facebook.

Kanna, Baldwin and Auntie, congratulation on the birth of adorable Amir Henry. Thank you for everything.

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