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Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Pleasure

Today, by coincidence, happens to be the closing day of three recent home sales.

Naturally, the sight of  our "SOLD" signs gives me much pleasure and a pat on the back.  It is especially gratifying to receive some of these photos from my clients.  This means a lot to us.

The closing of a home sale represents the delivery of  our services and a job completed.  It is a good feeling understandably.  And yet, each home listing has its own story.  A family is moving to a more fitting neighbourhood to meet their children 's needs.  Meanwhile, another household 's upcoming (sometimes imminent) changes call for a relocation.  A property sale could well be the actualization of a family 's real estate investment.  Being a realtor,  facilitating and seeing these stories unfolded is tremendously satisfying.

Yes, pleased to see our "SOLD" signs waving in the air.  But there have been cases that I feel equally, if not more, fine that the sales has not come to fruition.  One instance, there was this client whose business going through a rough time amid a family tragedy.  She was to sell the home to fulfill the financial obligations.  Just before she needed decided on the presented offer, they managed to find ways to refinance.  Thus, she could keep business running without giving up the home.  Hope everything continues to go well for her.

I feel very fortunate to have your trust and opportunities, my dear clients.  It is my pleasure to be of help.


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