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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Harmony. Blessing.

I have been very fortunate, especially the last few days.   I am very grateful.   Where to begin?

A good friend and her family are to make a move.  As such, they are to sell their lovely home near Sunset Beach in Richmond Hill

Having gone through the usual pre-listing preparation, i.e. market evaluation, pricing, staging (if necessary) and other formalities, we worked on the listing communication: a) prepared and published MLS listing; b) provided slideshow MLS and my company site; c) cut a video on YouTube for social media;  and then d) to blog.

Before we had a chance to write a post on this listing, we received offers.  My friend family seized the opportunity and accepted a very favorable offer.

Wow, does it matter what I do?  I wonder.  I know I cannot tell for sure.

But one thing I know.  When the market, the location, the home, the price and the wills of the participants align in harmony, things just happen, like magic, like they are meant to be.

Happy that my friends have gotten what they wished for from the transaction.  Happy that I could be of help.

Feel blessed.  Very much so.

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