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Thursday, September 9, 2010

BIG vs small

Haven't mused through this blog for a while. Not that there is nothing to say, rather, 1. been busy throughout the summer (plus some time-off for a cousin wedding in Alberta) ; 2. been micro-blogging via Facebook, Twitter on those momentarily feelings and comments.  However, over last couple of months, this one thought still resonates and wants to be written as a post.

As you may know, we returned to the country few years ago.  I have been a realtor for only a handful of years.  I went on it pretty much alone with limited resources.  (Grateful to those advised from time to time.  Also to the trusty helping hands on marketing, planning and operations I obtained earlier this year so that I can be more focused on working with my clients to meet their needs.)

Often after learning my profession, acquaintances or friends or relatives would ask if I know so and so BIG name realtors.  Yes, I mean those faces that you have seen on TVs, prints, buses, bus stops, benches, flyers and ... etc.  Yes, I know some of them and know of many more.  Some are my fellow colleagues with vintage and experiences.  Some approached to recruit me to join their teams.  Boy, was I tempted especially when I had little clue on how to start this endeavor.  For one reason or another, I didn't go for it.  But must confess, in my mind, I sometimes imagine having enough the name and face recognition that continuous buyers and sellers come knocking on my door. So many so that I must let my junior teammates to attend their cases...  while I ...

Just one second, before I ever get to there, how can we - small agents -compete with those established ones?  I didn't have an answer.

* to be continued *

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