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Saturday, September 11, 2010

BIG or small. Does it Matter?

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Last year, Mr. D and his family walked into one of my Markham open houses. Mr. D lived in the same neighbourhood.  He told me that he had planned a number of home improvements to prepare his property for selling in 2010 summer.  At the time, he was regularly checking out the the market: condition, pricing and type of the houses on sales in his area.  He was also screening the potential listing agents.

This spring, I got a call from Mr. D.  We met.  He showed me the upgrades he put in place plus the improvements underway.  He also shared with me his overall plan: 1) cash in on his much bigger than required house; 2) downsize to a smaller house; and then 3) invest on another property to generate passive income.  That was a good financial plan to accumulate wealth - my previous training and experience of financial planning would concur.  Mr. D was looking for a real estate agent to assist his implementation.  He asked me what and how I could help.  I listed out what I would usually do and additional things I could try in his particular case.  Obviously, he went on to shop around for the partnering agent.

Later, I was surprised and excited to find out Mr. D chose me for his project.  He later told me in person.  

"Fanny, I've met with many realtors, of course, those BIG and established ones included.  They all tell me how marvelous they are; how many house they sold; how many percents of the market they commanded  and ... blah blah blah... you know, all those impressive sales pitch.  It was only you who spent more time telling me what you would do to help me.  And I saw how you worked in actions during the open house.  I'd bet that I will see and hear more from you than if I were working with other big shots.  That's why we'd rather have you as our agent."  

The conversation took place a good few months ago.  It still touches and lifts me.

I listed Mr. D house just before summer.  With the interest rate hike, HST impact (more psychological than actual for most) and buyers in the sideline, it has been a "cool summer" for the property market.  Together with Mr. D, we did a number of things to market his house.  With the changing environment, we needed to improvise.  Sometimes, Mr. D agreed and went along.  Other times, he was not on board with the proposed.  I respected that and needed to let him know the potential consequences.  After all, it is his property.  During our listing period, we did get anxious, second-guessed and grew impatient, especially we were well aware of the plan ahead.  Yes, there were ups and downs (perhaps more for recent couple of months as all could understand).

Finally and deservingly, Mr. D 's beautiful home has found its rightful owner.  Mr. D and I were happy with our result and about our collaboration.

Now, Mr. D and I (a small agent) are on to the next step in the plan.

And now... I am much more in tune on differentiating my services from other realtors, no matter whether they are BIG or small.

Thanks Mr. D for your trust and opportunity.

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