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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Living. An Art. A Classical One. - 6 Prince Hal Cres

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Although we live in a world so ever fickle and a city moving so very rapidly, there are things that more or less stay the same - something that we can anchor on.  For instances, we have always been attracted and gravitated to a certain quality.  Some call them “timeless beauties”.  A concerto written centuries ago still moves and touches us today.  An architecture built from a different era with narrower technical possibilities remains impressive.  A picture or a portrait of a belle from a distant time and land continues to radiate and draw our breath away.  There are something compelling about them.  As such, they prevail.  They are just CLASSIC.

6 Prince Hal Cres possesses many of these unique appeals.  It situates on the north end of Tam O’shanter Golf Course with all sides, except the front, facing the course green.  This comes with a large pie-shaped lot, measuring 50 ft in the front and about 125 ft in the back.  This is a neighbourhood of notable individuals, including many residents of 6 Prince Hal Cres. Then, there are these floor-to-ceiling arch windows across the house front.  The party size deck and .... The owners have catered the house with extensive care and details.  The result?  A home of  this unusual quality that is more than the total of its sum.  Let this exceptional property speaks for itself.

Can you envisage yourself living and appreciating what this home has to offer?  Why not pay a visit, book a showing now.

Living.  An Art. A Classical One.

6 Prince Hal Cres, Scarborough, Toronto

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