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Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Go Lucky? There's More.

Consider myself a fairly lucky person - most of the time.  Lucky, well not the winning-the-lottery type of lucky but more like… many occasions when the going get tough and I feel stuck, a door would appear and open ajar.  Not that I possess any special power but I am blessed with very many friends, good people in my life.

An example is my good friend Mon.  Knew her through my previous business venture, we worked well together professionally; and had Girls’ Nights Out to chill, to vent and to share.  She is more like a sister.  Many think we really are.  Through Mon, I got to know Mrs. and Mr. T.

Mrs. and Mr. T are not only well established in business but also savvy in making real estate investment.  Their investment wisdom and insight just blew me away.  Their knowledge is simply astonishing.  The result of their vast experiences and a lot, a whole lot, of diligent work.  Subsequent to the meeting, I had a revelation, an “Aha!” moment.  It became crystal clear to me what I should be focusing on and the rest would fall into places, in due course.

Mrs. T and I met again, a few days later, in Yorkville.  Living up north in GTA, my trips to Yorkville are usually conferences, lunch meetings, family visits to the ROM, shows during TIFF or IC‘ s musical activities.  But don’t recall when I last  leisurely walked, talked and shopped there (these are my favorite pastimes, right up at the ranking with checking out homes).  Geeez!  I haven’t taken advantage of my (relative) proximity to Bloor-Yorkville.  This is the THIRD most prestigious retail area in North America, the SEVENTH in the world and…  And lucky was I, Mrs. T requested my joining her at Yorkville.

We strolled past most top brand retails, designer boutiques, five star hotels, stunning galleries, intriguing restaurants/bars and also the award winning parks along the Cumberland St.  The whole time, Mrs. T genuinely educated me on Yorkville district including transformation project, current and new development A real “DOUBLE HAPPINESS.” (囍) Chatting and learning about real estate while enjoying and, actually being, part of this exciting, simulating, stylish and cultural atmosphere.  That felt special.  I can do it all day.  What is more?  A relaxing and delicious lunch at Vaticano Trattoria.

Over luncheon, we discussed about new condos such as One Bloor, FIVE Condos, Library District... etc.  Mrs. T revealed that they own Bloor–Yorkville property for years.  Brilliant! Such foresights! Just wait, more to it.  This investment came about not only by spotting the golden opportunity but also having a practical need.  At the time, their very gifted daughter was attending U of T at  St. George Campus.  They decided to invest on their daughter as well as the property. (Voila! The Mencius’ Mother parental instinct strikes again! ) The outcomes?  Her daughter did superbly and went on to Yale for graduate school while the property appreciated handsomely.

Found myself completely touched and speechless.  Why?  Is it because of their brilliance to turn opportunities to a win-win?  Or good and noble deeds will always bear fruits in time?  Or their generosity and trust in me?  Not exactly sure.  I think it is a combination of all.

Yes, I am lucky.  I am lucky to have many good hearted friends to guide, support and be there with me.  To all of you, “we are eternally grateful.”  - LGM, Toy Story.

Thank you Mrs. and Mr. TXOXO to dear Mon.  And I am in debt to all the kindness from you, my wonderful friends and family.  Good Energy Prevails.


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