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Monday, August 3, 2020

Happy Civil Holiday

First Monday of August = Civil Holiday.  Have a wonderful one with yours.

Meanwhile, we will be helping some clients to take procession of newly bought and brand new condos in Downtown.  Excited for them!  (Some good buys!)



Wednesday, June 10, 2020

CanFin - 多倫多樓市量跌價升 / Sales Dropped, Price Rose

#多倫多 封關 #樓市 量跌價升。 #FannyLee 跟 住加財經-CanFin 看過去幾月樓據。  另外,介绍新盤,供有意在 Toronto 置業朋友作參考。

Instead of posting #TRREB data, we talked (in #Cantonese) with CanFin about the #RealEstate market during the past few months.  The sales volume reduced but the average price rose. 

For those who shop for a home, we shared a couple of new #listings for reference.

Monday, June 1, 2020

Getting Things Done Amid Pandemic

Having a home/shelter is a fundamental necessity.  Therefore, #realtors are always there to assist even during this #pandemic.

it is our professional duty and pride.  #GladToHelp. 

「衣食住行」是基本需要。  身為 #物業代理  無論何時何況,務必協助各位找得安居。 高興在 #疫情中, 也完成任務。  我們的專業責任和尊嚴。

揾屋? 賣樓?想投資保值?CALL我哋。 落雨、落雪、遇疫情,都無阻, 照辦妥。

Buying a home? Selling a house? Investing in properties? CALL US!

Rain or Snow or COVID, we are here and #GettingItDone.

Friday, May 22, 2020

CanMen--Oversea Purchase / 隔山買牛(買樓)

#移民加拿大, 需要 #隔山買牛 (#買樓), 點算好? 首先, #StayCalm. (哈哈,看我們苦口婆心、循循善誘 Wingo) 

可以看看參考 住加男人-CanMen 這一video .



Friday night, let's share something funny.

Fanny and CanMen's Wingo filmed a video checking out 2 downtown condos. It is intended for those who plan to purchase a Toronto property oversea prior to their move to here.

We cannot help but laugh at this dramatic segment.

It is great that we can mix work and fun together.

Complete video / 全片.

Monday, May 18, 2020

Happy Victoria Day!

Victoria Day is a Canadian federal holiday celebrating Queen Victoria's birthday.  It also marks the beginning of the Canadian summer season.

May we overcome the pandemic soon.  Have a Great Summer!

維多利亞日是加拿大的公眾假期, 不但慶祝加國第一位女王的壽臣, 而且是楓葉國夏季的開始。

期盼我們早日戰勝疫情, 共享美好夏天。

Friday, May 15, 2020

Realtors are here for you.

Real estate is an essential service during this pandemic.  Real estate agents are here for you to meet your need for habitats.  Call our team if you require assistance.

疫情中,地產代理隸屬必需服務。 我們物業代團隊理準備就緒,協助在樓房有需要的朋友。     

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Our Stories

Most of you know us as #realtors. 
 #DoYouKnow we had established careers prior to returning to settle in Canada?

In my case, I worked years in the financial trading industry in #HongKong.  We chatted about that experience on 住加男人's CanFin Channel the past Sunday.  

If interested, give it a listen, a "Like" and subscribe.  Let me know if there are topics you like us to cover, we may discuss in future episodes.

Here is a playlist of recent guest host appearances.

大家都知道我們從事物業代理, 但你們知道我們在回流之前在香港有别的專業?

在我個人例子,在金融交易行業打混好一段日子。 在上星期日,在 住家財經 談談一些當年經驗見聞。

有興趣的,可按link收看。  喜歡的,给讚、訂閱,支持"住加"頻道。 若有想討論的题目,私訊提交。

更多近期 嘉賓主持appearances.

#PreviousLife #BeforeMigration #HongKongExperience #StartAgain #移民加拿大 #回流生涯 #重新上路

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Tuesday Quotation / 星期二聯想 - 2020.05.05

“To give somebody your time is the biggest gift you can give.”
- Franka Potente -

How true!  Time is the most precious resource that money can't buy.  Cherish.

您的時間 - 是您可以送贈给別人 最大的禮物。

多真!  時間是無價的,好好珍惜。

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Welcome, Oversea Buyers

Congratulations to our #HongKong buyers' purchase a wonderful #preconstruction home. The buyers, the builder and we signed over teleconferencing.

It surely illustrates: 
"If there's a will, there's a way. "
This will fit well with their #immigration plan. Happy for them.

If you intend to purchase a Toronto property oversea, we can help. We'll guide you, negotiate for you and working with your schedule.

透過遙距視像,協助客戶和發展商簽定#樓花 #買賣合約
衷心恭賀客戶購入#理想家居,配合他們 #移民 大計。

有意購買多倫多 #樓房地產 物業的朋友,我們團隊會:

- 指引你經過整個買賣程序;
- 代表你爭取最好條件;
- 配合你的時間表,安排妥當。


Thursday, April 23, 2020

COVID19 - Opportunities & Risks

With the lockdown in place in place, there is much time to reflect.  At the beginning of the year, we wrote a 2020 outlook article.

Although there are a lot of uncertainties, #Toronto #RealEstate seems to be a viable mid to long term #investment vehicle to preserve your #wealth.

Based on #TRREB, from 1966 to 2019, the average home price has grown 38 folds. With all economic ups and downs, Toronto properties still appreciate 7% annually, year after year.

Crisis in #Chinese is 危機, literally consisting of #risk and #opportunity.

What are you going to make out of it?

上星期, 和幾位同業資深朋友討論市場行情, 大家看法相近。

從中長線來看, #多倫多 #地產#物業 仍然是一個穩健的 #財富管理 #投資工具

自1966 至 2019年, 平均房屋價格上升38倍。 換句話說, 姑勿論市場的起或跌, 樓價每年增值 7%。 每一年 +7%!

這疫情無疑是一個crisis/危機。 有危險, 有機會。 你會點做?

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Tuesday Quotation / 星期二聯想 - 2020.04.21

With the #pandemic underway, we all need to practice #SocialDistancing for the safety of ourselves and those around us.  This reminds how wonderful to be able to gather and work together.

在新冠狀病毒疫情之下, 大家都需要保持安全距離, 確保個人和身邊友人的身體健康。  不禁覺得, 可以共聚工作, 是非常愉快的。

(Photo was taken @ Cambridge, Massachusetts)

“Being in the same room with people and creating something together is a good thing.” ~ Robin Williams


More #TuesdayQuote #星期二聯想

Monday, April 20, 2020

CanMen住加男人 & CanFin住加財經 2020.04.19

Many thanks to #CanMen channel (and also their new addition #CanFin) for the invitation to share "Buying Step by Step".  Hope this is helpful to those who plan to buy a home.  If any questions, please message us.

多謝 #住加男人 以及 #住加財經, 邀請為昨天嘉賓主持,分享 "買屋逐格睇",希望幫到打算在加置業朋友。  若有其他查詢, 可以用 Facebook 或 Whatsapp 發信息給我們。

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Be Well, Friends

How is everyone?  Hope all are well with you and yours.

Friends / #Clients messaged us with the photo above.  How true!  Count our blessings, especially during difficult time likes this.

Be well.  

收到朋友傳來的帖子 - "有一個家, 何等幸福" - 多真!
俾心機, 一起渡過。

Monday, April 6, 2020

CanMen 住加男人 & CanFin 住加財經 2020.04.05

First #CanMen, then #CanWomen and now #CanFin!  

Congratulations to the CanMen group for opening a new channel addressing the financial interests of the community.  It was a great honour to be one of the first guest hosts joining Sam and Wingo.  Of course, we chatted about #Toronto #RealEstate.

Watch, like and subscribe.  

首先, "住加男人"; 接着, "住加女人"; 最新, "住加財經"!  恭喜恭喜 "住加"一族, 增添新的財經頻道。  對投資感興趣的朋友, 實屬是個好消息。  更多謝 Sam 和 Wingo 邀請參與主持節目, 暢談 #多倫多 #地產 行情。

喜歡觀看的朋友, 記緊 Like, Subscribe 以及支持。

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Appearances at CanMen & CanWomen Shows

To combat COVID-19 pandemic, Canada has closed most borders.  Ontario has declared a state of emergency.  Avoid unnecessary trips and practice #SocialDistancing.  

#OREA also called to stop all real estate #OpenHouse.

What to do?  What about checking out #CanMen and #CanWomen shows (in #Cantonese)?

為對抗 #新型冠狀病毒, #加拿大 已經封鎖大部份港口邊界。 安省亦已宣佈進入緊急狀態, 呼籲大家避免不必要聚集往來。  #OREA叫停 #地產經紀 #開放日。

星期天, 在家中找節目?  可以看看 #住男人、#住女人 節目。 感謝安排, 近來幸會可以和 #李婉華、 Sam、Wingo 在頻道上討論 #湊仔經、 #多倫多地產、 #樓房按揭… 等等話題。

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Stay Healthy amid COVID-19

( Check our Facebook page )

A promise is a promise.  Despite the current COVD-19 situation, went - in #FullGear - to #Yorkville to perform a #PDI for an #oversea client.  

Stay Healthy. Protect ourselves, protect each other.

昨天幫一個 #海外客人 去Downtown PDI ( Pre-delivery Inspection ), 幾年前買落嘅 #樓花,剛剛今天驗樓。我和發展商都嚴陣以待,在疫情嚴峻嘅日子,我哋風雨不改,努力為客人服務。



#Fullservice #Consultancy #Toronto #YorkRegion #RealEstateBroker #大多倫多 #北約克區 #地產 #樓花 #物業代理 #FannyLeeTeam #Selling #Resale #NewCondos #Lease #realestatestyle #一切從家開始 #回流 #移民 #immigration #一站式服務

Thursday, March 5, 2020

Market Watch - 2020.02. Market Heating Up

#TREBB released February statistics.  The market is heating up.  There were 7,256 resales representing an increase of 45% from February 2019.

月份樓房買賣樓據。 整月錄得7,256宗交易,比去年同期4,982宗大增46%。

The average selling price for the month was $910,290 as opposed to $779,791 a year ago.


With the lower interest rate, there will likely be more momentum for the market.  


Wednesday, March 4, 2020

11 Hearthstone Cres, Doncrest, Richmond Hill

Beautifully Renovated w/ 4,500+ s.f. Living Space at Leslie St / 16th Ave Intersection (St. Robert C.H.S. School Zone)
5+2 🛏 5🛁 2+3🚗

MLS # N4707522 Description:

Beautifully Renovated Executive Home Loaded W/ Upgrades And Reno. Excellent Craftsmanship W/ Attention To Details. Grand Custom Kitchen W/ Cabinetry, Quartz Counter. Oversize Master W/ Lavish Spa Like Bathrooms, Separate Living + Formal Dining Rm, Lg Family Rm W/ Gas Fireplace. Soaring 17' Foyer, Hardwood Thru Out, Oak Staircase W/ Iron Pickett. Wainscoting, Crown Moulding, Potlights...Bsmt Apmt W/ Bedroom Separate Walkup Entrance. Must See!**** EXTRAS **** Stainless Steel Fridge, Gas Cooktop, Built-In Microwave & Oven, Dishwasher, White Fridge, White Stove, Washer/Dryer, Central A/C & Vac, All Elfs, All Window Coverings, Garage Door Opener.

[ 樓盤簡介]  DONCREST 烈治文山超便利Lesile十六街地段獨立屋5+2睡房, 5浴衞室, 4,500+平方呎精心時尚生活空間。17呎高天花大堂,得體大方。 全屋地板,美觀易理。 典雅 Crown Moulding, 𤩹板, 氣派不凡。 完成土庫單位, 配備獨立入口, 可作出租單位。連雙車庫,車道泊3車, 近Cul De Sac方便訪客停泊。 位處安省排名第6 St. Robert中學,具吸引力。


Thursday, February 20, 2020


#TREB is now #TRREB : Toronto Regional Real Estate Board.  Like the new slogan:

Professionals connecting people, property and communities.

It is a new era.

在一月底,TREB商會易名為TRREB - 多倫多區地產商會 (不知會否有官方中文名)。標語亦更新了,意思:

專才連繫人們, 物業和社區


Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Getting It Done / 搞定 - PURCHASED @ Thornhill Tower, Markham

Our client family plans to return and settle in Canada within 2 years.  Their requirements?  a) Convenient, b) Close to family and c) Near a good high school.  

Even though they are in Hong Kong, we are here.  We talk, whatsapp, facetime, email regularly.  Finally, we found them the perfect home - a Thornhill Tower suite - at Leslie St. / Highway 7 near everything and within St. Robert C.H.S. area. 

They just flew from Hong Kong this CNY not only to visit the family but also to take possession of their new Canadian home.  What a great way to start a new year!  Congratulation!

恭喜恭喜! 新年新居新展望!

這家客戶打算在這一兩年從香港回流多倫多長住。  透過友人介紹安排,聯絡我們。 他們擇屋條件包括: a) 出入方便; b) 近家人, 有照應; c) 位於好校網內。  

雖然, 我們身處兩地, 透過電話, whatsapp, facetime, 電郵, 也能遙遠”睇樓”。  經過大家幾個月的努力, 終於找到理想安樂居 -  Thornhill Tower (Leslie / Hwy 7) 一個合適單位。  地點超方便, 又近親戚朋友, 還是在名校 St. Robert C.H.S. 校區。

上星期他們飛來多倫多過年同時取鎖匙迎新居。  真高興喜洋洋!

Friday, January 31, 2020

看好多城房產 上層樓 (Bright Outlook for GTA Real Estate)

The "看好多城房產上層樓" (Bright Outlook for GTA Real Estate) article was published on Jan. 30, 2020.  Here are the texts and charts for those who are interested.  

 (轉載: Jan. 30 2020 明報地產金頁  "都會‧ 瞭望"專欄)  
提供:RE/MAX EXCEL 億兆地產 Fanny Lee / Dan Chan


加拿大在《 US News & World Report 》「最佳國 家2020」排名,從去年的第3名,跨越日本成為亞軍,僅 次於連任榜首瑞士。 

哈利王子和太太梅根辭退英國皇室職責,搬來加拿 大,目前落戶卑詩省,未知日後會否遷往另一個城市?多 倫多可在他們考慮之列? 

早前周末冬季雪暴來訪,留下約20厘米厚積雪,相對 於紐省聖約翰市的遭遇,多市也算無大礙。 

大多樓市周期而言,每年的12月和1月交投 是全年最淡靜。12月重售錄得4,399宗成交,比 2018年12月增17%。 據2019年MLS統計,全年有 87,825 宗 買 賣,比之前一年 78,015宗,升了13 %。 

至於2019房屋平均售價,為$81萬9,雖不及2017年歷史最高點的$88萬3,但比2018年 $78萬8增4%。 換句話說,自1966年TREB開始記錄重售市場數據至2019年底,平均房價已從 當年的$2萬1增加了38倍。 

這53年之間,每一年大多倫多樓房平均增值 7%,由此可見,大多區地產是一個頗穩建的中 長線投資工具。 

一年總計,多倫多市內三區交易分佈:中區 Toronto Central買賣14,863宗,西區Toronto West交易8,894宗,東區Toronto East有8,465間 房屋易手。 

1. Brampton  賓頓: 8,809
2. Mississauga  密西沙加: 8,675
3. Markham  萬錦: 3,646
4. Vaughan  旺市: 3,311
5. Oakville  渥克維爾: 3,087
6. Oshawa  奧沙華 : 2,853
7. Richmond Hill  列治文山: 2,594
8. Burlington   伯寧頓 : 2,434
9. Milton   米頓: 2,198
10. Whitby   韋比: 1,959

今年市場展望是怎樣呢? TREB的預測報告 將會在2月公布。

各大經紀公司看似眾說紛 紜,但大多都看好大多市場。 理據在於隨著 人口增長(大部分透過移民),加上經濟穩定, 利率維持偏低水平,再加上早兩年市場調整, 累積一定房屋需求。 但2019掛賣樓盤減少, 供應有限,具備價格上升潛質。 
參考過數間大行的2020展望調查,平均樓價 預期增長 4.75%-6%。 

本文見報日為年初六,謹此向各位讀者拜 年,恭賀新禧!迎春接福!家肥屋潤!