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Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Tuesday Quotation / 星期二聯想 - 2016.06.21

"A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out." ~ Walker Winchell

Salute to Friendship !

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Tuesday Quotation / 星期二聯想 - 2016.06.14

"Life... it tends to respond to our outlook, to shape itself to meet our expectations." ~ Richard M. DeVos

So... Look at the Bright Side of Life.

美國多層次直銷公司「安利」(Amway) 創辦人之一 Richard M. DeVos :「生命... 按著我們自己遠觀前瞻,逐漸孕育成型,達至我們的期盼。」


Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Tuesday Quotation / 星期二聯想 - 2016.06.07

“In the long run, we shape our lives, and we shape ourselves.  The process never ends until we die.  And the choices we make are ultimately our responsibilities.” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt


Take Charge of Our Lives.

Saturday, 4 June 2016

66 Kevi Crescent, Doncrest, Richmond Hill

LISTING SOON: 66 Kevi Crescent, Doncrest, Richmond Hill
Preview Open House on June 4th, 5th 2:30-4:30pm

Our featured 66 Kevi Cresent is situated on a quiet and child-friendly cul-de-sac in a very convenient and much demanded Doncrest community (intersection: Bayview Avenue and 16th Avenue).  This 3,300 sq.ft. 5-bedroom beauty with 17ft soaring entrance, professionally maintained landscape offers ample of quality living space and numerous possibilities for any family.

66 Kevi Crescent accesses to the following Public and Catholic schools:-

- Doncrest Public School (Mainstream / French Immersion) - 2013-'14 Ranking 495/3037 
- Adrienne Clarkson Public School (French Immersion) 2013-'14 Ranking 204/3037

- Thornlea Secondary School (Mainstream / French Immersion2014-'15 Ranking 130/676 
- West mount Collegiate Institute (Arts) 2014-'15 Ranking 70/676

- Christ the King Catholic Elementary School
- St Robert Catholic High School 2014-'15 Ranking 4/676

Cordially invite you to our preview Open House on June 4th, 5th afternoon.

烈治山大宅,3300呎, 10年新, 寧靜安全內街大地段, 專貴17呎高大門口備有防風門, 主層9呎樓底, 一流間格,全屋木地板, 悉心保養裝修, 5大睡房 (2套房, 主人房設獨立書房另有2半套房), 特大廚房,專業園藝, 後園木陽台, 可讀 Doncrest, Adrienne Clarkson, St Robert等好校, 近商場, 超市,食肆, 交通方便。叫129萬。

Thursday, 2 June 2016

ThursdayMap / 星期四地圖‬ : 2016.06.02

Now, we understand why our cars put on so much mileage and gas bills so high. This season so far, we ‎#broker‬-ed / represented our clients to buy, sell and invest in ‪#‎RealProperties‬ at these #GreatTorontoArea‬ locations. When we said we will go extra miles for our clients, we are not kidding!

Yes, for our clients, we go extra miles, literally. Look at the ‎ThursdayMap‬ above.

現在明白為何我們車輛里數增加得這麼快,汽油帳單數額上升得那麼高⋯⋯原來,在這幾個月,我們為#客戶 馬不停蹄在 ‪#‎大多倫多‬ 穿鎮過市 代表他們購買、銷售和投資 ‪#‎地產‬#物業。所以,當我們説「樂意為客戶跑多幾步為求達到目標」,絕不是開玩笑。- ‪#‎星期四地圖‬

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Tuesday Quotation / 星期二聯想 - 2016.05.31

Those who follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Wechat know that we usually share a quotation on Tuesday to be inspired, motivated or reminded on Tuesday.  Why not post it here on our blog (website), too.

“Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.” ~ Dale Carnegie

Actions speak louder, get busy!
「講」可以是天下無敵,但實質上,一事未成。所以 ‪#‎星期二聯想‬ 提醒提醒:坐言起行,工多藝熟, 多勞多得。Get Busy! 開工啦!

Saturday, 28 May 2016

73 Cedarcrest Crescent, Westbrook, Richmond Hill

* SOLD *

Proudly presenting 73 Cedarcrest Crescent in Richmond Hill's Westbrook neighbourhood.  This refreshly and tastefully renovated 4 bedroom / 5 bathroom end-unit freehold townhome offers much room for any family to grow and prosper.  In addition to its proximity to Yonge Street, and thus all modern day amenities, it offers access to a list of impressive schools: Trilium Woods P.S., Richmond Hill H.S., Michael Jean P.S., Beverley Acres P.S. and Longstaff S.S.  MLS # N3504931 captures all the details.  

烈治文山2千多呎單邊兩層鎮房,4房5衞,雙車房,無管理費, Richmond Hill HS 中學校區,多窗明亮,極佳間格, 新裝修,全屋實木地板,主層9呎樓底, 升級廚房, 特大主人套房, 專業完全土庫, 前車路可泊4車, 石砌後園,專業園藝。近央街、名中小學區、超市商場, 交通方便。[ 烈市中心, 應有盡有,生活便利,安居樂所, 難求!]

50 Silkgrove Terrace, Wismer, Markham

* SOLD *

Wismer properties went up on listing and sold quickly.  Looking for a linked house in this popular neighbourhood?  You are in luck, 50 Silkgrove Terrace has just been listed for sale.

This 3 bedroom / 3 bathroom with 9ft. main floor ceiling, practical layout, plenty of windows and easy access to daily amenities, including reputable schools like John McCrae Public School (provincially ranked 63th out of 3,037 schools) and Bur Oak Secondary School (provincially ranked 10th out of 656 schools).  50 Silkgrove Terrace would make a great home any family with school children.  Details are listed on MLS # N3503178. Contact us for a showing or visit out Open House on May 28th-29th 2:30-4:30pm.

萬錦市半獨立屋1700尺。3大睡房3衞。9呎主層,高級家電。專業石砌後園。木地板,實木樓梯。一流間格,全房多窗,光猛寛大。可泊3車。步行公園,公車及名校 John McCrae 小學及 Bur Oak 中學. [地點有利,配套齊備,年青家庭首選。]

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Toronto Area Home Resale Market - April 2016

This Spring, representing the start of real estate season, TREB reported yet another record month with 12,085 resales in the Greater Toronto Area during April.

Key top-line notes:
  • Year-over-year, overall volume increased by 7.4%, average selling price reached $739,082 versus $636,094 in April 2015.
  • MLS Home Price Index Composite Benchmark rose 12.6% compared to 12 months ago.
  • Shortage of "416" Area low-rise listings resulted in the dip of sales in the these segments.
  • Detached and Semi-detached average selling price increased by 18+% in a year.
  • 17% more 416 Area condos resales this year.
  • New listings and active listings were lower than the same time last year.
"As we move into the busiest time of the year, in terms of sales volume, strong competitions between buyers will continue to push home prices higher... "

If you wish to know what would your property would sell for in this market, contact us for a no obligation evaluation.  Join our Facebook page to stay current with the market.



  • 買賣增7.4%,平均售價從去年$63萬6升至今年$73萬9
  • MLS住宅價格綜合指數 (Home Price Index Composite Benchmark) 漲12.6%
  • 「416」和「905」地區獨立屋和半獨立屋同樣搶手,價格一年升多過18%
  • 「416」區高層樓宇市場暢旺,買賣增17%
  • 新掛牌和累積賣盤偏低,有利賣家。


Thursday, 12 May 2016

8 Ironshore Court, Aurora Highlands, Aurora

* SOLD *

Our featured 8 Ironshore Court resides at the prestigious Aurora Highlands backing on stunning view of protected nature reserve.  This 4 Bedroom /4 Bathroom executive home situated in a child safe and quiet cul-de-sac with a premium pie-shaped lot. Back On Stunning View Of Protected Nature Reserve. Skylight, professionally finished wall-out basement and family size 2 level deck capitalize the natural lighting and idyllic green setting.  Details of this charming home are listed on MLS # N3489271.

To fully appreciate, contact us for a private showing and / or Open House schedule.

難求!位于Aurora著名綠樹林哥爾夫球場大地段。整屋背向優美樹林,擁有永不改變的山林遠景。寧靜安全倔頭路。2800呎,獨立4房4圍雙車房,土庫直出後園。廚房步行出兩層露台。天窗,天然光亮,專業完成土庫。西人一手業主,保養一流。近商場,大型連鎖店,食肆, 央街, 交通方便。[發展潛力豐厚。靜中帶旺,價錢吸引。]

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

38 Philips Lake Court, Jefferson, Richmond Hill

* SOLD *

Richmond Hill Jefferson is a recently developed prestigious neighbourhood that attracts many home buyers. 

We are pleased to present 38 Philips Lake Court, a gorgeous, executive, cul-de-sac detached home with 3,200 sq.ft. 4 bedroom back to Bathurst Glen Golf Course and natural trail.  While having all the serenity, it is minutes away from all daily convenience along Yonge Street.  For details, refer to the MLS N3489178.  

JEFFERSON 位於烈治文山高尚地段,3年新 3,200呎 獨立屋 雙車房,
4房5衞, 主層9呎樓底,背向哥球場,樹林清幽,環境優美,一望無際。全屋豪華裝修,專業設計,廚房用料上乘,花岡石廚房配不銹鋼電器,專業完成土庫,光猛明亮,近校區公園,交通方便[ 優雅環境兼生活便利, 實屬難逢。]

Contact us to book a showing.

38 Philips Lake Court

Saturday, 7 May 2016

355 Roy Rainey Avenue, Wismer, Markham

* SOLD * 

What is a linked house?  It is almost like a detached house except sharing a common  garage wall with the neighbour.  Our featured 355 Roy Rainey Avenue in Wismer neighbourhood is a 4 bedroom / 4 bathroom linked house.  Details of this attractively finished home are listed on MLS N3483577.  Ideal for families with school aged children as John McCrae Public School (provincially ranked 63th out of 3,037 schools) and Bur Oak Secondary School (provincially ranked 10th out of 656 schools).  355 Roy Rainey Avenue is definitely a great place to raise a family.

位於萬錦市高尚地段,4房4衛Link屋,時尚專業完成土庫。9呎樓底,多窗光猛明亮,間隔實用。不鏽鋼家電,大理石枱面,升級廚房,全屋實木地板,橡木樓梯。排名極高學校區 (John McCrae, Bur Oak),近商場,學校,公園, 交通方便。 [地點適宜一家大小, 理想安樂家居。]

112 Castlemore Avenue, Berczy, Markham

* SOLD *

112 Castlemore Ave is situated in the very popular Berczy community. This newly renovated 3 bedroom detached house is within Pierre Elliott Trudeau High School zone, near the ‎Frederick Bagg Park, transit and malls.  For more, refer to MLS N3482133 , or see it yourself at the Open House on May 7th, 8th 2:30-4:30pm.

112 Castlemore Ave ,位處萬錦名校區Berczy獨立屋3房4衞,新裝修新油,實木地板,專業完成土庫,石沏後園,一流格間,多窗亮麗,業主悉心保養。前園特大陽台。步行到名中學Perrie Trudeau杜魯多中學及區內最大Frederick Bagg Park 公園。[ 人氣旺地,樣樣俱全獨立屋,家庭安居之處。]

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Toronto Area Home Resale Market - March 2016

" Strong Growth in Home Sales in March / Q1" is the headline of March issue of Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) Market Watch.  

The key numbers, compared to the same period last year, to note:-

  • During the first 3 months of 2016, there were 22,575 homes sales in Greater Toronto Area representing an increase of 15.8%.
  • March sales rose 16.2 % in volume and 12.1% in price (average $688,161).
  • Price / home type
    • Detached : $910,375
    • Semi-detached : $637,867
    • Townhome : $530,353
    • Condo : $ 389,319
  • The selling prices of all home types appreciated by double digits.  Semi-detached and condo apartment recorded 20+% increase.
  • Newly added and active listings are less than previous year, favourable to sellers.
Based on the current trend,  "demand was clearly not an issue in the first 3 months of 2016, regardless of the housing market segment being considered." " TREB outlook for the year pointed to a strong possibility of a second consecutive record year of home sales."

If you are thinking of taking advantage of the active market to sell your property, contact us for for a free consultation and evaluation.

加拿大地產商會(TREB) 3月地產月報頭條:第一季、3月摟房交投增長強勁。

  • 首季月錄22575成交,量升15.8%
  • 3月買賣增16.2%, 平均價升12.1%至$68萬8
  • 大多各住宅平均售價
    • 獨立屋:$91萬 
    • 半獨立: $63萬8
    • 鎮屋: $53萬
    • 屋苑大廈: $38萬9
  • 各類別樓房價錢有雙位%增幅;半獨立屋和屋苑大廈一年升幅超20%
  • 房產供應供不應求,利賣家

TREB 預期今年市埸極有機會創新高。


Friday, 1 April 2016

204 Jefferson Forest Drive, Jefferson, Richmond Hill

* SOLD * Featured 204 Jefferson Forest Drive is a generous 3,500 sq.ft. 5 bedroom detached in the highly sought after neighbourhood of Jefferson, near the intersection between Bayview Avenue and 19th Avenue. 

This newly renovated home offers ample bright and open space for any family to live, play and grow : extra large master bedroom,  4 semi-ensuite bedrooms,  large deck connected to breakfast area, huge professionally finished walk-out basement, capacity to park 6 cars (double car garage and paved driveway).  In addition, it is conveniently located near amenities. minutes walk from parks, Richmond Hill High School, Holy Trinity School and mall.

To truly appreciate the beauty and potential of this outstanding home, you need to see in person.  Contact us for a private showing or join our Open Houses.

烈治文山 3,500呎 大方獨立屋, 居高臨下遠眺美景, 主層9呎天花, 光缐充足,新裝修,主層2樓實木地板, 5大睡房包括特大主人套房, 4半套房,雙車房加石砌車路, 可泊6車,專業完全土厙連睡房, 直出後園。附近有公園商場, 屬 Richmond Hill High School 校區。熱門社區, 難得機會, 馬上聯絡。]

204 Jefferson Forest Drive

Thursday, 31 March 2016

What Our Clients Say (客戶推薦) - Brian

Client - Brian and Family
        - Sellers of a Stouffville property

( text )

Brian Hua                                                                                                              
Wismer, Markham

Fanny Lee & The Team
Hi Fanny, Karl and Team,

I guess I would like to start by giving a big thank you to Karl for introducing me to his team member, Fanny Lee in helping us with our "out of the ordinary" situation.  We originally lived in Stouffville and bought a new build in Markham.  We decided we wanted to sell the builder’s house in Markham due to the age of our young twins and stay put in Stouffville.  We needed someone with professional knowledge of selling Assignments and providing us with advice.  We personally had lots of family and friends that are agents but remembered meeting Karl one day at a new builder site, he was also one of my high school friends.  I needed someone I can trust and have great knowledge of the Markham region.

Fanny and Karl are an amazing team, very professional and gave me lot of advice including backup plans as assignments are challenging to sell especially when you cannot market the property like any other re-sale property.  I understood my options and was ready for Fanny and Karl to do the best for me and my family.  Karl and Fanny provided me with periodic updates of the Markham assignment property and did find some interested buyers.  Due to certain circumstances, we changed our mind.  At the same time, Fanny provided her professional insight advising me that moving to Markham is actually a very good decision not just for the schools but potential of the Markham property vs. Stouffville property.  

Fanny and Karl did their best to help us market both properties, providing me with their game plan as well as advice.  Karl takes amazing professional pictures making my Stouffville house look bigger than 1,978 sq.ft..  With the assistance of Fanny and Karl we finally got a great price selling our house in Stouffville.  

I really appreciate what I have learned from Karl and Fanny, I definitely do not regret the decision of moving to Markham. Fanny and Karl definitely cannot be under-estimated for their ability, and their knowledge of the market.  Their expertise and advices create realistic results that are visible.  Fanny's friendly smile tells you that you have made a good choice in selecting her team and the confidence they bring in creating results.  Me and my family appreciate the assistance and definitely a top referral for any friends and family if anyone needs to buy/sell a house.


Brian Hua

Saturday, 19 March 2016

2869 Elgin Mills Road East, Victoria Square, Markham

* SOLD * North-western Markham communities (Catherdraltown, Victoria Manor and Victoria Square) are much sought-after given it is right next to Highway 404 and easy access to established amenities in Richmond Hill.  Available homes are sold quickly.

If you are looking for a property in the area, you ought to look into 2869 Elgin Mills Road East.  This Andrin Home built 3-storey townhome layout is popular given it is spacious, bright and practical.

(click to view)
Pictures and details of 2869 Elgin Mills Road East could be found on MLS# N3443472. 

Contact us for more information or a private showing.

VICTORIA SQUARE 萬錦高昇值地段,2200 呎4房4衞鎭房。可泊3車。家庭廳 13呎樓底。全屋豪華裝修, 時尚設計,花岡石枱面,升級廚房,實木地板,特大主人套房,特大露台,光猛明亮。名校區,交通方便,近404公路,商塲。[黃金地段,潛力高,利保值,機不可失。]

Saturday, 5 March 2016

Life w/ Colours & Splendours @ 395 Dudley Ave

* SOLD * ... A unique, classical, elegant townhome at Yonge and Finch where life is full of colours and splendours.


Life with Colours & Splendours @ 395 Dudley Avenue

Friday, 26 February 2016

Real Estate Agent Team Ad - Week 4, Feb. 2016

Spring is fast approaching, sellers are bringing their properties to the market as home buyers begin their keen search for their ideal homes.

Featured current and upcoming listings:- 
Richmond Hill: a Jefferson detached back to golf course and a 5 bedroom Jefferson Forest detached
Stouffville: 4 bedroom detached with open view
Markham: 3 year new Greensborough townhome
Toronto: a stylish Willowdale East homehome, an Arc studio next to Bayview Village and pre-construction detached and townhome at Bayview and York Mills

Contact us for more information on the featured opportunities.

春季將至, 不少賣家正密鑼緊鼓推出物業迎接樓市旺季。一些我們現有和即將發售的樓盤,以供找尋夢想房子的朋友作參考:-

烈治文山: Jefferson 原林高球場豪宅, Jefferson Forest 熱區五房大屋
萬錦: Greensborough 靚正方便鎮屋
史托維爾: 實用超值有景安樂窩
多倫多: 頂級豪宅York Mills 區樓花, Willowdale 品味人氣高尚鎮屋, Bayview 現代型格柏文 

對以上樓盤有興趣的朋友, 歡迎聯絡

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Toronto Area Home Resale Market - January 2016

Greater Toronto Area residential real estate market had a good start in 2016.  For January, Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) experienced an increase of 8.2% and 14.1% in number of transactions and average selling price, respectively, compared to January of 2015.

  • 12% of polled GTA households are considering a home purchase in 2016
  • Average selling price of a GTA home was $631,092 vs $552,925 (of Jan 2015)
    • Detached: $848,999
    • Semi-detahced: $568,723
    • Townhome: $ 483,261
    • Condo: $386,165
  • This January,  there were more re-sales in 416 Area: Detached / Townhome / Condo; 905 Area: Semi-detached submarkets.
  • Upward price momentum was led by sales of Low-Rises in 905 Area and Condos in 416 Area
  • New and active listings were less than 12 months ago
"Buying intentions are strong for this year as households continue to see home ownership as an affordable long-term investment," Mark McLean, TREB President.

Thinking of buying or selling a property, contact us to discuss. 

多倫多地產商會(TREB)近期調查,12%大多倫多家庭有在2016年購買房屋意欲。  在一月,大多住宅樓市比去年好:成交增 8.1%,平均售價增 14.1%
  • 獨立屋:$85
  • 半獨立屋:$57
  • 鎮屋:$48
  • 屋苑大廈:$37


Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Happy Year of Monkey

Happy Chinese New Year !  Wishing all a prosperous and healthy Year Of Monkey!  



Monday, 18 January 2016

Real Estate Agent Team Ad - Week 3, Jan. 2016

Here is our ad printed on Chinese media (Sing Tao Daily & Ming Poa Daily) this cycle featuring:-

Gratitude to Clients, Friends and Families for their ongoing support.
* Greater Toronto Area Home Price Trend
* BAYTREE Luxury Townhomes at York Mills
* Lot+Plan(+Build) Opportunity at Bayview at St. Andrew / Winfields, Bayview/York Mills

Feel free contact us if we could be of help for your real estate needs.  Welcome to stay connected with us on social media.

Friday, 15 January 2016

GTA Home Average Selling Price (1966-2015)

With the release of 2015 TREB data on Greater Toronto Area home resale, we updated the GTA Home Average Selling Price chart.  It depicts the trend of annual average of home sales price since 1966, when TREB started to track.

Between 1966 and 2015, GTA average home price went from $21,360 to $622,217.  The residential property value grew 28 times in 49 years or an average yearly appreciation of 7.2% .

Real property not only provides a home for the family but also a mean to grow wealth.

自1966年,多倫多地產商會(TREB) 開始記錄大多地區樓房買賣數據。在這49年,住宅房產銷售平均價從$2萬1 升至$62萬2,增28倍。換句話說,大多房屋平均每年增值7%


Monday, 11 January 2016

Toronto Area Home Resale Market - December 2015

In December, TREB recorded 4,945 resales in Greater Toronto Area - the 2nd best December recorded.  This brought the annual total to 101,299 resales, a 9.2% increase from 2014's total of 92,782.  2015 was a record year for TREB home sales in GTA.

Top level highlights:-

- The average selling price of 2015's 101,299 home resales was $622,217.  It represented an appreciation of 9.8% from 2014's average at $556,624.

- December sales increased by 11.9% in volume with average price at $609,110 (+9.5% in price from 2014 December).

- December average price of GTA homes: Detached @$825,470; Semi-detahced @ $577,760; Townhome @ $474,588; and Condo @ $378,249.

- Compared to December 2014, the segment of "416" Semi-detached, "416" Townhome and "905" Condos became more active.

- Year over year, the new listing grew by 8.4%.  The active listings were still 10.7% LESS than 12 months ago.

多倫多地產商會(TREB) 宣佈2015年 MLS系統全年錄得101299交易, 比2014年增加9.2%, 創下新的年紀錄。

- 2015年大多房屋平均銷售價為$622,217,比去年$556,624 升9.8%

- 較2014年12同期,2015 12月房屋轉售量升11.9%, 平均價漲9.5%

- 12月大多各類别樓宇平均買賣價:獨立屋@$82萬5;半獨立屋@$57萬8;鎮屋@$47萬5;屋苑大厦@$37萬8

- 12月「416區」的半獨立屋和鎮屋;以及「905區」的屋苑大厦較去年活躍

- 雖然上月新售盤比12月前增8.4%,但總活躍盤仍少10.7%

" ... the demand for ownership housing is expected to remain strong in 2016.  Despite stricter mortgage lending guidelines and the possibility of slightly higher borrowing costs, on average, there will be many buyers who remain upbeat on the purchase of ownership housing..." said Jason Mercer, TREB's Director of Market Analysis.

TREB 市場分析總監稱:"2016年有可能按揭收緊和借貸成本略上調,預期2016樓宇需求會持續強勁,因很多買家對樓市仍感樂觀。"

Thursday, 7 January 2016

2015 Year End Celebration

Year end holiday seasons, a year of hard work and the 35th anniversary of our brokerage called for a bigger celebration and award presentation gala.  Our team definitely took this opportunity to rejoice.  Here we captured moments of December 12, 2015 at Markham Event Centre.

Thanks to Your Trust and Support throughout 2015, our team was awarded with"- 

* 3 President Awards
* 1 New Home Sales Gold Award, and (the most importantly)
* More Happy Clients like yourselves.

Our team will Keep Up Our Effort and Get the Job Done.

All the best with 2016.

Dec. 12 是公司聖誕晚會、周年頒奬以及35周年紀念慶祝晚宴。除了各姊妹公司員工、各分行同事、也有不少業界同僚和生是議員在座一起慶祝。誠蒙各朋人客戶信仼、機會,我們在2015度贏得3個集團總統大奬以及樓花銷售金獎。



Saturday, 14 November 2015

Harmonious Living @ 18 Opus Court, Langstaff

Langstaff is a Richmond Hill community with Bayview Avenue, Highway 7, Yonge Street and 17th Avenue as its borders.  It is conveniently located near the administrative, commercial and retail centre of Richmond Hill and about a block from Highway 404.  Langstaff, in addition, has a developed network of schools, parks and amenities, it is a highly desirable neighbourhood for families.

18 Opus Court is a 3,365 sq.ft. 4+2 bedroom detached situated on a safe and quiet Cul-De-Sac street while it is steps away from everthing that you could find on Bayview Avenue and High Tech Road.  MLS # N3359981 captures details of this very comfortable home. 

烈治文山豪華大宅, 獨立全磚3,300呎4大睡房/3套房設計。主層大客廳20呎樓底,  配特大窗戶, 明亮開陽。專業完成土庫, 有分門, 間隔實用, 可泊5車。業主悉心保養。近Hwy7,商場,超市,食肆,戲院及公園。 [熱門地段,起居飮食安樂之所。]

Harmonious Living @ 18 Opus Court

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Toronto Area Home Resale Market - October 2015

Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) MarketWatch was released with the past month data.  October marked "the best result on record for the month of October."

Key Highlights:-
  • There were 8,804 resales through MLS in October, a 3.4% increase compared to October 2014.
  • Average selling price in October was $630,876 vs $587,945 a year ago.  
  • MLS Home Price Index (HPI) - gauging national housing price trend - raised 10% from 12 months ago.
  • Compared to October last year, there are more resales in condos (both 416 and 905 areas) and townhomes in 905 area.
  • Price growth was driven driven by low-rise market segment.
  • The total active listing is still -7.3% less than October 2014.
If you want to find out the market trend of your neighbourhood or what your property could sell for, do not hesitate to contact us.

Stay connect with us on social media.

大多倫多樓市再創10新銷售紀錄!MLS系統錄得8,804單交易,平均售價為$631;較去年10月,量增3.4% 平均價升7.3%,而活躍䅹盤仍是7.5%少過2014 Oct.  如欲了解你區內行情或你的物業估值,請來電查詢。

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Live Comfortably @ 7 Corby Road, Unionville

* SOLD * Unionville is probably the most historic and unique community within the rapidly growing Markham.  Adjacent to the City of Markham administrative centre and only minutes from the highway network (Hwy 7, Hwy 404, Hwy 407). It is well developed with the widest range of amenities within close reach.  It is also blessed with a supply of good schools.  In addition, the new York University and Seneca College Markham campus will be nearby, too. Naturally, Unionville attracts families to move in and settle.

If you have been  looking for an opportunity to own and live in this much sought-after community, our new listing may well be your rare found opportunity: 7 Corby Road at the north-western corner of Warden Ave and Highway 7 intersection.

This Heron Homes built, 2200 sq.ft. 4 bedroom, double-garage detached home offers much space for any family.  With the beautiful landscape wrapping around the house, 7 Corby Road is a very comfortable Unionville home.  For further details, refer to MLS # 3354639

UNIONVILLE 萬錦市政中心地段 2,200 呎 4房, 雙車房。極佳間格,一手業主,悉心保養,專業園藝,自動耍水, 主層新實木地板,廚房直出大台,專業入牆音響。中/小名校區, 近公園, 學校,超市,商埸。[ 萬錦市中央,一切方便非常。]

Contact us to book for a private showing.  Alternatively, connected with us to know our Open House schedule.

Live Comfortably @ 7 Corby Road