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Thursday, 10 January 2019

Thanks for 2018. Happy & Healthy 2019

Thankful for 2018.  We gained new ground in 2018 despite market adjustment.  Thanks to continuous trust and support from our clients, partners and brokerages.

Wishing all a happy and healthy 2019.

2018年, 多倫多地產市塲在調整,我們仍努力嘗試,作出新尤, 成績不俗。 特些,感謝 公司、客戶、夥伴不斷的合作 支持。  祝願各位豐盛燦爛的新一年!

Tuesday, 25 December 2018

Happy Holidays! 聖誕快樂, 新年美滿!

Wishing All 祝願各位

                 a Warm, Wonderful Christmas
             一個 溫馨難忘的聖誕
   & also 以及
                 a Bright, Blessed 2019

                FANNY LEE & The Team

Send us your address for a FREE 2019 Fridge Magnet Calendar.  小小心意, 送贈2019冰箱磁石月曆, 請電郵索取

Saturday, 22 December 2018

冬至快樂! Have a Happy Winter Season!

Yesterday was Winter Solstice marking the start of a new season.  Today is 冬至 (Dong Zhi) festival which is of equal, if not more significant than, as New Year.  It is the time for families to gather, dine and celebrate.  Symbolizing completeness and togetherness, folks will typically eat 湯圓 (glutinous rice balls) in Southern China and 餃子(dumplings) in Northern China.

No matter where you are now or where you came from, Best Wishes to You and Yours.

昨天是西曆的 Winter Solstice - 冬季的首天。  對中國人來說,今天是"冬至"。  有謂 「冬大過年」,  尤其重要, 一般家庭都會聚首一堂, 吃飯聯歡。 南方人會吃湯圓, 北方人吃餃子餛飩, 意味團圓圓滿。

不論你從何處來, 現在身處何方, 我們誠意祝願你和你的親人一切安好。 

Thursday, 13 December 2018

Getting It Done / 搞掂 @ Markham & Richmond Hill

While the market was 15% slower in November, we worked extra hard to sell our clients' properties.  Within 4 weeks, we SOLD 8 homes (not all shown in today's ad).  In addition, we helped clients to PURCHASE their dream homes.

當市場在11月淡靜起來,我們加倍努力賣房。 在4週內,替8家客戶成功售出物業 (在廣告內𣎴能盡錄)。  與此同時, 我們亦幫客人購得靚屋

Again, thanks and appreciation to clients who trust and appoint us as their agents.  In return, we will work diligently and represent their best interests wholeheartedly, always.


Sunday, 9 December 2018

TREB Resale Market Watch Nov. 2018

Let's look at TREB November resale numbers.  多倫多地產商會11月市場數據覧閲

* Breaking a 5 month streak (since Jun. '18) of Year-to-Year monthly sales growth, there were 6,251 resales in TREB area, -15% from '17 Nov.  After seasonally adjustment, Nov. sales was at -3% from Oct. '18.  自6月, 市場交易連續5個月增長(比較去年同期)後,11月錄得6,251宗重售買賣,比'17年11少15%。 另外,對比10月季調後售量減3%。

* Average selling price was $788,345, a +4% from Nov. '17. However, it was -1% compared to Oct. price (seasonally adjusted).  11月重售平均價為$78萬8,比去年11月升4%,但較季調後10價微減1%。

* 10,534 new listings were entered into MLS, -26% from '17 Nov.  There were total of 16,420 active listings, -10% from 12 months ago.  11月有10,534新重售盤上市,較去年少26%。 市場存貨只得 16,420間,比'17年11月少一成。

While the market slowed down in November, we have been busy getting our Sellers' properties sold every week.  If you are looking for realtors to present you effectively and wholeheartedly,  Contact us.

雖然市場活動減少,但我們忙個不停,每週售出客戶物業。  若你正物色地產代理有效地、全心全意地買賣物業,馬上聯絡,樂意效勞

Saturday, 8 December 2018

北約克Bridle Path典雅鎮屋 名校林立 卓越時尚 (Exceptional North York Classic Towns)

Bridle Path is definitely one of Toronto's most prestigious addresses.  The location, setting and nearby amenities are simply exceptional.  In a Ming Pao Toronto article, we highlighted a current townhome listing ( 16-50 Hargrave Lane ) across the street from Sunnybrook Health Science Centre.  

(轉載: Nov. 29, 2018 明報地產金頁 宜家‧宜居"專欄)  

北約克Bridle Path典雅鎮屋 
名校林立 卓越時尚 

資料提供:RE/MAX EXCEL 億兆地產 Fanny Lee (


這間鎮屋位於Bridle Path 區,近Sunnybrook健康科學 中心的Canterbury Lawrence Park Townhome,不但地段高 尚,位置正正處於大多倫多 (GTA)的中心,故稱Midtown。 不消20分鐘即可到達南面的市 中心,又或者北面的烈冶文 山。另外,鄰近設有25個車站 於2021年通車的輕鐵(Eglinton Crosstown LRT) 交通方便, 絕對是喜愛這地區的一個重要原因。

由Tribute建造,這間5年新的鎮屋可謂應有盡有:約 1,500呎之室內空間,加已有 BBQ的空中花園,3房3浴,加 大主人房,現代廚房,全屋實 木地板,此鎮屋更直通室內雙 車位。更且,所有一般住房的 工作如前院打理及鏟雪等工作 皆由管理公司負責,冬季不用 鏟雪,夏季不用剪草,屋苑內 有優美園藝及步行徑,居主可盡情享受這鎮屋帶來之方便及舒適之室內 室外家庭生活! 

除此之外,這鎮屋更位於非常優越 之校網,公校為Blywood小學(安省3,064 中前列22名),中學可到有名York Mills Collegiate,又或天主教 Cardinal Carter Academy for The Arts (安省747中學中高 居第19)。鄰近私校更為顯赫:有Toronto French School 及 Crescent School。有小朋友的家庭,由小學到中學都不需 為入學而煩心。 

總括這「靚盤」應可滿足大部 分業主持的要求,所謂「地點! 地點!地點!」,加上鄰近的精湛配套,簇新的裝修,實用的間 隔,應為希望在Midtown找安樂 窩之不二之選! 


Friday, 7 December 2018

543 Richmond, Trinity - Spadina, Toronto


Featured Pre-construction Condo

543 Richmond

Residences at Portland

543 Richmond by Pemberton

A chic sanctuary in the heart of Toronto at Richmond St / Portland St.


> Population growth: 23.5% (vs. 4.5% city average)

> 51% of the population are between the ages of 25 - 44.

Trinity-Bellwoods Rentals in 2018 via MLS (first 11 months)

Size         #      Monthly Rental

1BR        23      $1,899 - $3,300

1BR+1    26      $2,000 - $3,000

2BR          8      $2,700 - $3,700

Current per square foot price ranges from $977 to $1,300+ with most around $1,100 psf.  Given this is at Entertainment / Fashion District with occupancy in 2022 or after (not subject to rental control), this is an attractive value.

Extended Deposit Structure
(North Facing Suites or Suites Over 750sf)

$5,000 on signing

Balance to 5% This Year (30 days)

5% Next Year (120 days)

5% in 2020 (425 days)


5% on Occupancy

Development Levies are capped!

$6,510 for 1 Bedroom + Den and smaller, $10,800 for 2 Bedroom and larger

Reduced Assignment Fee!

Administration Fee of $5,000 reduced to $2,500

Window Coverings Included!

Parking and storage lockers are available to purchase for all suites! 

Parking is $79,000 and regular storage locker is $8,000, large storage locker is $9,900. 
2BR 2Bath Exposure:E
11/F @ $1,099/sf
3BR 2Bath Exposure:NW
5/F @ $985/sf
1+1 2Bath Exposure:N
6/F @ $1,109/sf
2BR 2Bath Exposure:NE
3/F @ $1,019/sf
Interested. Contact Me.

Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Tuesday Quotation / 星期二聯想 - 2018.12.04

“ We aim above the mark to hit the mark.”
- Ralph Waldo Emerson - 


more #TuesdayQuote's / 更多 #星期二聯想

Monday, 3 December 2018

Happy Monday / 開心星期一 @ Wismer, Markham - 2018.12.03

#SoldOverAsking at #Wismer #Markham!  We attracted #MultipleOffers.  More importantly, our Sellers got a deal that they were very happy with.  When they are happy, we are happier.

#超叫價售出 #萬錦市 Wismer區物業!  我們不單成功吸引多個Offers; 最重要, 家獲得心水條件和價錢, 開開心心賣出物業。  客人高興, 我們團隊當然雀躍。

This was the second Wismer houses we sold in November and the 4th in the past 3 months.

這是我們十一月份在區內第二單落實交易, 亦是三個月內第四過成功買賣。

Need to buy or sell, trust us, we will #GetItDone.
想買屋、放樓、投資地產, 找我們代理, 必定 #搞掂。

Saturday, 1 December 2018

Recently Sold & Featured Listing - 2018.12.01

December arrived.  November was a busy month.  Grateful that we helped our clients to sell their properties before winter.  For those who wished to fulfill their #HomeOwnershipDream before the end of year.  This is still plausible.  Consider our featured listings:-

十二月了! 11月忙得很, 但慶幸幫到好幾個賣家在冬季前售出物業。  有意在年底前達成 [置業安居] 夢想的朋友, 不妨考慮幾個推介 "靚盤":-

16-50 Hargrave Lane, Sunnybrook, Toronto
9133 Bayview Avenue #103, Doncrest, Richmond Hill
36 London Pride Drive, Jefferson, Richmond Hill

If you are thinking for selling, buying or investing in real estates, give us a call.  We would be more than happy to assist.


Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Getting It Done / 搞掂 @ Grand Gensis, Richmond Hill

Listed on Nov. 11th.  Agreement reached and signed on Nov. 18th.  Sold in 8 Days.  A huge congratulations to our wonderful #GrandGensis condo seller in #RichmondHill.  With this completed, she could move on with her exciting new chapter.  Our sincere appreciations and blessings to her and hers.

11月11號正式掛牌放售, 11月18號達成買賣合約。  8日裏, 成功出售 #烈治文山 Grand Gensis 柏文!  恭喜我們友善合作的家。  衷心感激信任, 祝福她和家人在新的一頁事事順利。

#GettingItDone #搞掂

Monday, 26 November 2018

Happy Monday / 開心星期一 @ Unionville, Markham - 2018.11.26

Offer negotiated and accepted.  Conditions met and waived.  SOLD FIRM!

Congratulate our #DowntownMarkham seller for having their #RougeBijou II apartment.

首先, 商討買賣合約條款 然後, 達成協議。 接着, 一一符合附帶條件, 落實交易。 最後, 慶祝同歡。

祝賀我們在 #萬錦市中心 的賣家成功售出物業 。  多謝你們的信任和支持。

Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Tuesday Quotation / 星期二聯想 - 2018.11.20

“A hero is an ordinary individual
who finds the strength to persevere and endure
in spite of overwhelming obstacles.”
- Christopher Reeve -


more inspirations / 更多 #星期二聯想

Monday, 19 November 2018

Happy Monday / 開心星期一 @ Wismer, Markham - 2018.11.19

A heart-felt congratulations to our Wismer seller client.  With his trust, cooperation and decisiveness, together we sold his property quickly and at an above asking price.

衷心恭喜我們萬錦市Wismer區的賣家客戶!  多得他們的信任, 充分合作, 果斷的決定, 很快就以高出叫價賣出物業。

Having seen us sold 2 houses in the neighbourhood within a later summer month, he asked us for a free evaluation.  We gladly provided the market analysis and suggestions to make the property more appealing.  He decided to appoint us and prepared the house.  We set up the a multi-phrase strategy prior to listing.  And, things worked out just as planned.

其實, 在夏季未, 他見我們在一個月內售出附近兩間屋, 決定邀請我們給他免費估價。 我們當然樂意為他作市場分析, 提供一些放盤準備提議。 他很快決定委任我們代理, 並且馬上預備物業。  在掛盤前, 我們達成共識多階段策略。  結果, 按照計劃, 成功售出。 

列治文山Doncrest區鎭屋 旺中帶靜 全天候保安 (Richmond Hill Convenient & Secure Towns)

#BristolCourt is a gated townhome community near all amenities and only minutes away from the centre of Richmond Hill.  Such a unique real estate that we liked to let more people know via #MingPao #Property Goldpage.  We cited 103 - 9133 Bayview Ave. in the article.  Here is the text.

#烈治文山 Bristol Court 有圍欄大閘保安的鎮屋屋苑,安全又近 High Tech Rd. 和 Highway 7,實屬罕見家居。 所以,希望透過 #明報 地產金頁, 介紹給普羅大眾, 並且引用在放售中的 103-9133 Bayview Ave. 作為例子。

Contact us for a showing.  有興趣的朋友, 馬上預約看樓。

 (轉載: Nov. 15, 2018 明報地產金頁 宜家‧宜居"專欄)  

旺中帶靜  全天候保安

資料提供:RE/MAX EXCEL 億兆地產 Fanny Lee (

從亞洲移居過來的朋友, 可能都習慣有24小時保安的居住環境。 在大多倫多,其實除了屋苑泊文外,也有一些有圍欄、大閘守衞的低密度住宅。 本期介紹的宜居是列治文山Doncrest區內Bristol Court的鎮屋, 也享有此額外保安措施。

Doncrest在富豪山莊以南、Highway 7有時代廣場、Jubilee Square、百利商場、Royal Gardens、富景商場、黃金 商場...等等。 除此之外,區 內East Beaver Creek和West Beaver Creek是辦公室和商廈 林立。 
9133 Bayview Ave近16街, 住宅居多,較為清靜。但也 很方便,一馬路之隔就是威 加利商場 - 君臨天下、好景 超市、道明加拿大信託銀行 及各樣生活所需店舖。 
旺中帶靜、設備周全, 固然是自住投資的重點,但房屋基本上條件也相當重要。推介鎮 屋花園是馳名Liberty Development建 造,宜居坐立屋苑中央位置,沒有大 街煩囂。近2,000平方呎空間,一共4 房3浴,雙車庫加車路可泊4車,充分 照顧全家需要。業主悉心保養,全屋 鋪木地板,新淨容易打理。主層9呎天 花,整潔廚房直出大露台。 

烈市區內人口七成以上具大專或以上 學歷,附近學校表現優異。盼享安逸低 密度居住生活及滿足一家大細日常所需 配套,切勿錯過這罕有「靚盤」。 

小學: Christ The King C.E.S. (2016-’17 安省3054小學中排名 65)
中學: St. Robert C.S.S. (安省 747中學排第2名)

小學: Doncrest P.S. (安省 3064 排名 770) 或 法語 Adrienne Clarkson P.S.
中學: Thornlea S.S. (安省 130/747)


TMS School 和 Richmond Hill Montessori School 約五分鐘車程

Friday, 16 November 2018

From Our Readers / 擁躉來訊 - 2018.11.16

We are very blessed to have clients / friends / readers who are appreciative, understanding and fun.  Through #SocialMedia or #PersonalMessage, they cheer for, share with, encourage, tip us.  After the first real snowfall this season, our marketing savvy client couple sent  us a photo of our signage with suggested copy.  Love to share with all.

團隊有幸得到不少明事、好玩客戶/友人/讀者 欣賞支持。  久不久, 透過傳媒網絡或私訊, 他們為我們打氣, 給我們市場情報, 又或者跟我們分享、說笑… 等等。 經過昨晚大雪, 今早一對marketing了得的客戶發給我們照片和可用copy。 很有意思, 在此和大家share.

from Clients/Friends G&N, Richmond Hill

( Photo taken by G&N @ Jefferson, Richmond Hill )


"Be it rain or shine, thunder storm or blizzard,  Fanny & The Team will serve you tirelessly." (translated by The Team)

Thursday, 15 November 2018

9090 Yonge Street 1001, South Richvale, Richmond Hill

*SOLD * Bright Grand Gensis Condo with Unobstructed View
Walking Distance from Hillcrest Mall, Silvercity, GO Station
1+1 🛏  1🛁  1🚗

MLS # N4299991 Description: Gorgeous Bright & Spacious!! Like 2 Bedroom. Unobstructed View. Best Layout!! Tons Of Upgrades: Top Laminate Thru-Out, 9 Ft Smooth Ceiling. Custom Cabinets & Backsplash, Upgraded Granite Counters W/ Centre Island. S/S Appliances. Quartz Bathroom Counter. Custom Closet Organizer. Den W/ French Door. Large Balcony! Close To Hillcrest Mall, Parks, Schools, Shopping, Restaurants, Go Train, Viva, Hwy 7 & 407.**** EXTRAS **** S/S (Fridge, Stove, Built-In Dishwasher, Hood Fan), Washer & Dryer. All Electrical Light Fixtures. All Window Coverings. 1 Parking. Indoor Pool. Saunas. Bbq Station. Theater Rm. Fitness Studio.

[樓盤簡介] 烈冶文山都市人氣急升央街/16街地段 Grand Gensis 屋苑630呎寛大1房1Den間格,  Den備雙法式門,可作睡房; 10樓180度無阻美景, 現代清雅裝修鋪排,舒適自然。 公寓設施齊全天及大量訪客車位。 10分鐘向北步行到 Hillcrest Mall 及超市; 向南至High Tech Rd大商鋪、戲院、GO站。