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Thursday, 20 October 2016

Toronto & York Region Detached House Price - September 2016

In our regular home re-sale market overview, we often use the average selling price across all cities/town and all home types within Greater Toronto Area as the price indicator.  Today, let us compare the September detached house selling price among Toronto districts as well as York Region cities.

九月份 #多倫多市 和 #約克地區 獨立屋平均售價
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A City of Toronto detached house was sold for $1.3M
  • Toronto Central 多倫多中 @ $2.1M
  • Toronto West 多倫多西 @ $1.0M
  • Toronto East 多倫多東 @ $0.9M

The average selling price of York Region detached houses was $1.2M
  • Richmond Hill 烈治文山 @ $1.6M
  • Markham 萬錦 & King 皇帝市 @ $1.4M
  • Vaughan 旺市 & Aurora 奥羅拉 @ $1.3M
  • Stouffville 史托維爾 @ $1.2M

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Tuesday Quotation / 星期二聯想 - 2016.10.18

Being a #RealEstate professional actually takes more than many think.  Just to name a few:-

1) you are running your own business with ongoing expense and no regular pay cheques;
2) you are your own boss, you need to be self-motivated because nobody but yourself are responsible for the success and also the failure; 
3) the hours could be long and irregular depending on the tasks at hand.

To be a good realtor, it begins with a lot of commitment.  You need to love the job.  #TuesdayQuote shares Oprah Winfrey's thought:-

其實身為一個 #物業代理, 不是一般人想像中那麼容易的工作,原因包括:-

1. 這是自己的生意,不斷要付出運作開支, 而沒有定時的收入;
2. 自己當老闆,一切必定要自發、自主。因為, 沒有其他人需要為你的成就或挫折負責;
3. 工作沒有固定時間、工作天可能會很長,一切都隨着當時手上任務已定。

所以,要作一個稱職的地產經紀,要有一定的承擔,要熱愛這一份職業。今天 #星期二聯想 分享美國名人 #奧花雲費 之工作觀念:

「我認知的 - 若果你做的工作是你愛做的,而這工作亦充實你的生活;那麼,其餘的不用擔心,一切都會隨其自然地發生。」

Monday, 17 October 2016

Happy Monday / 開心星期一 @ Greensborough, Markham - 2016.10.17

Although it was cloudy and rainy, the turnout at our Cathedraltown Open House was encouraging.  Special thanks to our neighbourhood friends (some were previous clients) visiting - bringing us warmth even on a somewhat chilly damp day.

Similarly, we feel at home in the Wismer/Greensborough communities.  Especially, this #HappyMonday, we are cheering for 2 client families achieving their goals - selling their properties at #SoldOverAsking price this month.  We deeply appreciate your trust and opportunities.

When clients are happy, we realtors are pleased, too.

雖然周末天氣密雲微雨, 但 #大教堂鎮 #開放日 反應良好。 特別鳴謝附近友好 ( 其中一些是先前客戶 ) 蒞臨打氣, 令一個原本天暗暗雨綿綿的日子, 也覺得有陽光溫暖。

同樣地, #萬錦 Wismer / Greensborough 社區 也給我們感到自然舒服的感覺, 尤其是這個 #開心星期一。  恭喜兩家賣家客戶達成目標, 在本月 以 #超叫價賣出 物業。  再次. 感激他們給予的機會和無限的信任。 

當客人滿意, 我們 #物業代理 亦感到恩慰。

Friday, 14 October 2016

93 Staglin Court, Cathedraltown, Markham

End Unit Townhome ~2,000 sq.ft.,   4🛏   3🛁   2🚗

Open House: October 22nd-23rd 2:30 - 4:30pm

For those who need to frequently commute to Downtown or Midtown, living near Highway 404 would save so much previous time.  Especially with its unique flair and Richmond Hill across the highway, Cathedraltown / Victoria Manor / Victoria Square area attracts many families to settle.  Needless to say, houses in the neighbourhoood are in high demand and sell quickly.

If you are searching for a Cathedraltown home, you are in luck.  93 Staglin Court has just been listed.  This 2-storey 4 bedroom Monarch built end unit townhome has everything a modern family desires: practical layout; bright and open view; tasteful upgrades; shopping plaza, schools, park within a few minute walking distance.  Don't miss this opportunity.  Visit us at the Open House. 

93 Staglin Court, Cathedraltown, Markham

[MLS# N3631258] "Stunning Upscale Monarch Built Townhome End Unit Loaded With Upgrades And Features.4 Bdrm 4bath. Master Rm 5pcs Ensuite With W/I Closet, Approx.2000 Sqft. The Biggest Unit And Lot In The Complex.Loaded W. Features And Update. Dinning Rm Feature Beautiful Stone Wall. Modern Kitchen W/Quartz Counter, Backsplash, Maple Cabinetry, Valance Lights, S/S Appliances, Prof. Landscape And Patio Stone. Huge Bay Window Overlook. Backyard And More. Home Shows Like Model Home. Must See."

Contact us for private showing.

[ 簡介 ] 熱門地段, 高級難求 Monarch 單邊二層鎮房,近2000呎, 4房3衛,光猛明亮, 主層9呎樓底,實木地板,不鏽鋼家電,石油氣煮食, 時尚設計,品味優雅, 位處名校區,近超市,商塲,餐廳, 404公路,出入方便。清靜安寧兼夾交通方便,首選。

[MLS# N3631258, 有意聯絡

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Real Estate Agent Team Ad - Week 3, Oct. 2016

We discussed the fundamental reason behind the strong GTA housing demand.  The recent TREB  Market Watch indicated that there are limited supply (active listings were less than 2/3 of September 2015).  The team has been working diligently with our sellers to bring some quality homes to the market.

Here is our Chinese media advertising this cycle.  Some of these homes are about to be listed.  If interested, contact us immediately.

( Featured Listings: 2016.10.w3 )

先前和大家探討大多倫多房屋需求的基本因素, 而據多倫多地產商會九月份MLS顯示待售盤數量低於去年同期三分之二, 供不應求情況持續。  有見及此, 我隊努力發掘優質樓盤以供選購。 以上是我們今期在星島和明報的廣告, 如有興趣購買這些以及其他樓房屋苑, 請馬上跟我們聯絡

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Tuesday Quotation / 星期二聯想 - 2016.10.11

Hope all had a good Thanksgiving.  Like most, we spent some quality time with the family.  We also went outdoors to enjoy the beautiful Ontario Fall.  Like to share thought from Albert Einstein about nature as this #Tuesday #Quotation.

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” 

( Photo taken at Rogue Valley Conservation Centre, Toronto)

希望大家都過了一個美好的感恩節。 我們亦都和家人相聚, 同時外出行山欣賞安省漂亮動人的秋景。  今天, #星期二聯想 分享愛因斯坦關於大自然的看法:-


Friday, 7 October 2016

Toronto Area Home Resale Market - September 2016

Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) reported that there were 9,902 re-sales in September 2016, 21.5% more than Sep. 2015.  The average selling price over all home types and all regions was $755,755, increased 20.4% from $627,867 in Sep. 2015.  TREB President's description of the market:-

“We continued to see strong demand for ownership housing up against a short supply of listings in the Greater Toronto Area in September. The sustained lack of inventory in many neighbourhoods across the GTA continued to underpin high rates of price growth for all home types.” 

Note a few top-line year over year comparison:-

  • Number of detached homes re-sale in 905 area grew 29%
  • Average selling price of detached increased by 24%
  • Condo sales growth continued in both '416' and '905' areas, 24% and 32%, respectively
  • There was 5.6% drop in new listing comparing Sep. of 2016 vs 2015
  • The active listing was at 11,255 in Sep., only 63% of last Sep. 's 17,765 level

多倫多地產商會 九月份錄得 9902 宗交易, 較去年同期數量增長 21.5% 全大多, 包括所有房屋種類 平均銷售價從去年$62萬8 上升至為 $$75萬6, 一年脹20.4%。

TREB表示市場購買意欲仍然強勁, 但賣盤供應有限, 故此相信樓價有上升空間。

  • 905地區獨立屋買賣上升 29%
  • 獨立屋平均價升24%
  • 屋苑交投量在416地區+24%, 在905地區+32%
  • 新掛牌銷售樓盤少5.6%
  • 11,255 活躍賣盤, 去年同期之63%

As we have completed 3 quarters of 2016, a quick read into the GTA home re-sale market of these 9 months:-

  • Nearly 90,000 (89,660) re-sales in 9 months with about $65 billion sales volume / 9個月錄得89,660重售交易
  • 9 month TREB average selling price across all regions, all home types was $721,750 / 9個月跨區、誇屋種平均售價是 $72萬2
  • City of Toronto and York Region accounted for 55% of transactions and 62% of total GTA dollar volume / 多倫多市和約克區市場佔 TREB 55%交易量, 62% 交易總額
  • Average selling price for a Toronto home was $733,845
    • Toronto West 多倫多西 = $641,996
    • Toronto Central 多倫多中= $828,370
    • Toronto East 多倫多東= $637,899
  • Average selling price for a York Region home was $936,367 
    • Aurora 奥羅拉 = $962,899
    • E. Gwillimbury = $779,110
    • Georgina = $513,133
    • King 皇帝市 = $1,202,066
    • Markham 萬錦 = $957,760
    • Newmarket 新市 = $768,232
    • Richmond Hill 烈治文山 = $1,082,987
    • Vaughan 旺市 = $936,117
    • Whitchurch-Stouffville 史托維爾 = $947,367

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Tuesday Quotation / 星期二聯想 - 2016.10.04

"Refuse to be average.  Let your heart soar as high as it will." ~ Aiden Wilson Tozer

It was such a great pleasure to have a reunion and catch up with P, a good old friend from financial industry half a world away.  She keeps moving forward, breaking new ground.  Such a trailblazer!

With such inspiration, #TuesdayQuote is to remind us to keep learning and elevating. Don't be complacent.

( Photo taken at Downtown, Toronto )

興幸再遇多年前在香港金融界認識的好友P。 佩服她𣎴斷突破、不斷進步。 有感而發,今天 #星期二聯想 提醒要 努力更新、提升、力創個人新高。


Saturday, 1 October 2016

Weekend Open House / 週末開放日 - 2016.10.01-02

Welcome October!  Welcome 4th Quarter!

This Autumn weekend, we will showcasing 2 #Markham #Greensborough homes:-

Attached below is a short Meipai clip.  You could also see our Facebook page slideshow.


Visit our #OPENHOUSE between 2:30-4:30pm.

十月來了! 第四季到了!
這個秋天週末, 我們在 #萬錦市 #Greenborough 準備了兩個 #開放日 給準屋主參觀選購。

> 2038 Bur Oak Ave
> 320 Delray Dr

下午兩點半至四點半 !

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

2038 Bur Oak Avenue, Greensborough, Markham

* SOLD * Semi-detached ~1,900 sq.ft.,   3🛏   3🛁   3🚗 

Looking for a home that is easy for your family to attend school and to commute to work? 2038 Bur Oak Avenue is a must-see.  

This beautifully and practically designed semi-detached is steps from St. Julia Billiart CES and Mount Joy PS. Within 3 minute drive, you could catch GO Train, shop, enjoy parks and lake.  Bur Oak S.S. (10th / 676 in ON, 2014-15) and St. Brother Andre CSS (80th / 676 in ON, 2014-15) are currently home high schools.  
2038 Bur Oak Ave, Markham - Exteriors

[MLS# N3615806 ] "Stunning Semi Town Home Nestled At Greensborough. Approx 1900 Sqft. Wowed By Its Unique Open Concept Layout. 9-Ft Ceiling, Hardwood On Main Floor. Large Kitchen W. Eat-In Kitchen W/Lots Of Pantry & Extra Deep Counter, Huge Master With 5 Pcs Ensuite & Walk In Closet, 40 Oz Broadloom W/Upgrade Underpad, Close To Go Train, Excellent School Zone Bur Oak Secondary, Sam Chapman French Immersion, Mount Joy Public & Julia Billiart Catholic. Must See."

2038 Bur Oak Ave, Markham - Interiors
[ 簡介 ] 萬錦市名校Bur Oak Secondary 區內1900呎半獨立屋, 33衞,特大主人房, 主層9呎天花,木地板,實用間格,開放式多櫃廚房,車房直接入屋, 共泊3車, 交通方便,步行到公立及天主教小學, 公車,近購物,GO Train活力社區, 方便上班上學,潛力不凡。
[MLS# N3615806 ] 

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

320 Delray Drive, Greensborough, Markham

* SOLD * Townhome ~1,900 sq.ft.,    3+1🛏   3🛁   2🚗 

320 Delray Drive enjoys the natural surrounding of Rouge Park and proximity to Donald Cousens Parkway, Major Mackenzie Road, GO Train.  This 3+1 bedrooms freehold townhome locates less than 5 minutes from elementary schools, parks, shops with access to Bur Oak Secondary School (Ontario's Top 10).  It will make a great home for a young family.
MLS: N3614803
320 Delray Drive, Markham
[MLS: N3614803] "Gorgeous Sunfilled Freehold Town Home. Loaded With Upgrades And Features. Hardwood On Main Fl. 9Ft Ceiling, Balcony, Stone Veneer, Modern Kitchen With Ample Of Cabinetry, Stainless Appliances, Backsplash, Large Eat-In Kitchen. 4Pcs Large Master Ensuite, Oak Staircase. Family Rm Can Convert To 4th Bedrm. New Pot Lights. No Maintenance Fee. Close To Park, Top Rank Bur Oak Secondary School And All Amenities. Move In And Enjoy. **** EXTRAS **** Stainless Steel (Stove, Fridge, B/I Dishwasher), Vent Hood, Washer And Dryer, All Elf's, All Window Coverings. Minutes Away From Go Station And Entrance Overlooking Pond View. Excluded Entrance Chandelier"
320 Delray Drive Interior

[ 簡介萬錦市3年新高級鎮房,1,900 Mo, 3+14衛,主層9呎樓底,全屋實木地板,木樓梯,窗大光線充足,廚房設計新穎,大理石枱面,不鏽鋼家電,可步出特大露台,可泊2車,附近景色優美,空氣怡人。近商場,學校,GO Train, 交通方便。 

Tuesday Quotation / 星期二聯想 - 2016.09.27

Just the other day driving up to the Lake Simcoe area, it was vast, tranquil and beautiful, especially in the Fall season.  We who live in Toronto Area are so blessed: living with the convenience and comfort of a world city while having easy access to the peace and quiet that nature offers. Abundance.

This prompted #TuesdayQuote to share this quote by Stephen Covey (author of "Seven Habits of Highly Effective People:"-

“Instead, I have an abundance mentality: When people are genuinely happy at the successes of others, the pie gets larger.” 

( photo taken at Orillia, Ontario )

前幾天開車到 Lake Simcoe 地區, 沿途風景雅緻 (特別是在秋季), 令人感安靜舒泰。 住 #多倫多 實在幸運, 不單享有世界大都會的方便和色彩, 還可以投入大自然中。  富裕!

#星期二聯想 就此分享 [與成功有約] 作者 史蒂芬柯维 曾說過: 

" 我有的, 不是「零和」, 而是富裕」的心態。 當我們見他人的成功而感到衷心高興, 大家共分享的 「餅」又增大了。"

Saturday, 24 September 2016

Weekend Open House / 週末開放日 - 2016.09.24-25

The first weekend of this #Autumn.  This afternoon will be sunny with the mild temperature of 18°C in #Markham, just a perfect setting for #OpenHouse.

You could visit and have a sneak preview of these 2 attractive #Greensborough homes. Our usual Open House hours: 2:30-4:30pm.  See You.

今日秋天的第一個週末, 風和日麗, 最適合我們 #地產代理 做 #房屋開放日。我們準備了2家在 #萬錦市 #Greensborough 社區的優質樓盤, 及各位友好優先參觀。  開放時間: 2:30-4:30pm. 一會見!

2038 Bur Oak Avenue 

Semi-detached ~1,900 sq.ft.,   3🛏   3🛁   2🚗 

320 Delray Drive
320 Delray Dr, Greensborough, Markham
Townhome ~1,900 sq.ft.,    3+1🛏   3🛁   2🚗 

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Why Toronto Real Estate Market Crazy? 1. Population Growth

At the Toronto Chinese Business Association 2016 Gala, we had a real estate forum exploring Why is the Toronto Real Estate Market so Crazy?  We will capture and share, in installments, some of the reasons why the Toronto real estate market is as feverish as we discussed on that panel.

多倫多華商會 2016 週年晚宴裏其中的一個環節是地產研討,  題目為「 為何多倫多地產市場超熱熾?」我們透過網站, 分幾期講述一些利好大多倫多樓市的基本因素。

POPULATION GROWTH - As Ontario grows, the population becomes larger, the number of households increases, and there will consequently be a higher demand for housing.
  • Based on data (2011 Census) and estimates (2015) from Statistics Canada, the Ontario Ministry of Finance projects that Ontario’s population will increase 30+% from 13.8 million in 2015 to 17.9 million in 2041.

人口增長 - 隨着安省不斷發展, 家庭數目上升, 房屋需求不斷增加。

  • 根據 Statistics Canada 2011 普查和 2015預算, Ontario Ministry of Finance 預料從 2015 2041, 安省人口從 1,380 萬增加 30+% 1,790萬。

  • Out of the 4.1 million projected new Ontarians between 2015-2041, net migration accounts for 73% (almost 3 quarters).
  • 未來26年, 73%; (差不3/4) 新增安省人口是移民淨加 (共410萬), 其餘27%是自然增長。
  • For the past 10 years, net migration averaged to be 77,000 per year.  The net migration in 2015-2016 is projected to grow to 114,000 per year.    In 2040-2041, this number is projected to be 130,000 per year.
  • 過去十年, 安省每年平均移民淨加是7萬7。估計, 在2015-16年移民淨加是11萬4; 而在2040-41將會為13萬。

  • The Greater Toronto Area (GTA) is projected to be the fastest growing region in Ontario, accounting for 68% (more than 2/3) of the population growth.  Between now and 2041, there will be an additional 2.9 million GTA residents looking for homes.  Thus, demand for homes, existing or new, will increase.  In fact, we are seeing this trend in the market right now.
  • 安省不同地區中, 預料大多倫多增長最為迅速, 佔68% (多過 2/3) 全省人口增長 。 從2015至2041, 大多倫多將額外有290萬人要應付居住的問題。 現時市場熱買, 正正反映出樓宇房屋需求的勢頭 。

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Tuesday Quotation / 星期二聯想 - 2016.09.20

“Initiative is doing the right thing without being told.” ~ Victor Hugo

May our days be filled with initiatives. #TuesdayQuote


「自動自覺去作應該的、合宜的, 這就是自發性的原動力。」

大家, 充滿力量, 努力向上! #星期二聯想

Monday, 19 September 2016

Toronto Chinese Business Association Gala 2016

On September 16th, Toronto Chinese Business Association (TCBA -多倫多華商會) had its 44th Anniversary and Inauguration Gala.

Obviously, it was a great opportunity to catch up with friends of the community, be they elected / appointed officials, leaders from various sectors, business counterparts or folks that we met previously or on the day.

In addition, it was a good opportunity for us set aside time from day to day business, to socialize and to chill. 

Of course, the program was well thought out and the dinner was very enjoyable.

The evening was particularly special.  

For one, our good old friend Evan Chau, whom we knew and worked with in Hong Kong banking / financial industry more than a decade ago, became the new TCBA President 2016-18.  A BIG CONGRATULATION to Evan.

Secondly, I was honoured to join David Wong (our Manager and mentor) led forum alongside with PlazaCorp's Scott Mcllelab, Livante Developments' Ben Wong and RDM's John Wong to discuss:

"Why is the Toronto Real Estate Market so Crazy?"

It was a very memorable evening.  

Thank you, TCBA.  Best Wishes!

很興幸有機會應邀出席多倫多華商會 2016 週年晚宴,
  • 再遇到和認識我們華人社區內朋友
  • 目暏在多年前香港銀行界中已認識、合作的Evan Chau當選為2016-18主席
  • 跟幾位資深在台上參與 David Wong 帶領的研討:「為何多倫多地產市場超熱熾?」

整個晚上的項目精彩豐富; 難能可貴的是: 學到東西時, 又具娛樂性。

多謝 #TCBA。 

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival / 中秋快樂

Today is Mid-Autumn Festival (中秋節), the middle of eighth lunar calendar month, signifying the arrival of Fall.  In this evening, folks traditionally gather with the family to celebrate the change of season.  After dinner, adult will go outdoor (balcony, backyard or the park) to chat, enjoy fruits and mooncakes with sight of full moon while children play with their lanterns. 

No matter where you are, wishing you much HARMONY & PEACE.

在這個中秋節,我們祝願大家 人月倆團圓 !

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Tuesday Quotation / 星期二聯想 - 2016.09.13

We live and learn everyday.  Push ourselves and don’t be complacent.  That is how we move forward and progress.  This is the spirit of today #Tuesday quote

“Aim for the moon.  If you miss, you hit a star.” 
  ~ W. Clement Stone

中秋將至, 讓月亮給我們一些啟示。


「以月亮為目標, 假使得不到月, 也捉到星星。」

Monday, 12 September 2016

Toronto Ranks 3rd in Cities of Opportunity 7

Those of us who in the Toronto Area should be proud.   Toronto, out of 30 world major cities, ranked 3rd in PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)’s 7th “Cities of Opportunity” report.   The overall ranking is as follows:-

我們住在大多倫多地區, 應該感到僥倖和自豪。 因為, 根據 普華永道 機遇之都7 報告, 多倫多在全球30各大城市中, 排名第三。 

1. London 倫敦 
2. Singapore 新加坡
3. Toronto 多倫多
4. Paris 巴黎
5. Amsterdam 阿姆斯特丹
6. New York 紐約
7. Stockholm 斯德哥爾摩
8. San Fransisco 三藩市
9. Hong Kong 香港
10. Sydney 悉尼
11. Seoul 首爾
12. Berlin 柏林
13. Chicago 芝加哥
14. Los Angeles 洛杉磯
15. Tokyo 東京

16. Madrid 馬德里 
17. Dubai 杜拜
18. Milan 米蘭
19. Beijing 北京
20. Kuala Lumpur 吉隆坡
21. Shanghai 上海
22. Moscow 莫斯科
23. Mexico City 墨西哥城
24. Johannesburg 約翰內斯堡
25. Sao Paulo 聖保羅
26. Bogota 波哥大
27. Rio de Janeiro 里約熱內盧
28. Jakarta 雅加達
29. Mumbai 孟買
30. Lagos 拉各斯

Here is the overall summary of Toronto extracted from the report:-

Toronto masters quality of living 
What is most remarkable about the particular success of Toronto, rising one spot to third place in this edition from fourth in our 2014 study, is that it should be considered remarkable at all. Toronto, after all, finished second in 2011 in Cities of Opportunity 4 and third in Cities of Opportunity 5. Canada’s largest city has always been in the mix at the top of our rankings and has consistently scored in the top four overall. The city may be calm, cold a good bit of the year, and overshadowed by the “buzz” in US cities to the south, but its performance clearly shows that a strong economy and high quality of life can exist very happily a bit farther from the madding crowd (as Stockholm and Sydney also illustrate in seventh and tenth place, respectively). 

Toronto is impressive not only in that it does so well in so many areas but in the company it keeps in doing so. The city’s performance in our demographics and livability indicator is key in pinpointing that aspect of the city’s success, since this is the indicator that assesses the bottom line in every urbanite’s daily reality: livability. 

Toronto finishes in the top 10 in the demographics and livability indicator, ranking #7, but what is more important is to take a look at the cities that are part of this elite group. Just above it lie New York, Paris, London, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Amsterdam (in that order) and just below sit Berlin, Chicago, and Stockholm. All of the other cities here are, each in its own way, a global icon of urban culture. But Toronto not only competes with them, it outdoes them in critical areas of urban life. So while the city may perform less than maximally in entertainment and attractions (#15), it ranks #8 in relocation attractiveness, #7 in YouthfulCities Index, #2 in senior wellbeing, and #1 in the single most important variable here, quality of living—also the variable that shows the closest relationship at 91% with overall success in the study. 

We need only add that Toronto ranks in the top 10 in seven of 10 indicators but does particularly well in those categories that speak to the daily needs and concerns of urban residents, finishing a narrow second to Tokyo in health, safety, and security; second in cost; third in sustainability and the natural environment (tied with Seoul); and fourth in both, intellectual capital and innovation (tied with Amsterdam), and ease of doing business. 


多 倫 多 從 2 0 1 4 年 的 排 名 第 四 上 升 一 位 ,躋 身 第 三 ,其 最 為 可 圈 可 點 之 處 在 於 它 的 實 至 名 歸 。畢 竟 ,多 倫 多 曾 在 2 0 1 1 年 發 布 的《 機 遇 之 都 4 》中 排 名 第 二 、在《 機 遇 之 都 5 》中 排 名 第 三。加拿大最大的城市多倫多在歷次調研中一直位居前列, 其 綜 合 排 名 一 直 位 列 前 四 。多倫多寧靜祥和,但一年大部分時候都較寒冷,不如南方的美國城市受青睞,但它的成功表明強勁的經濟和優質生活也可以存在於稍微遠離喧囂人群的地方(斯德哥爾摩和悉尼分列第七和第十)。

讓人印象最為深刻的是,多倫多不僅在許多領域表現不俗, 而 且 其 企 業 也 有 著 上 佳 的 表 現 。該 城 市 在 人 口 結 構 和 宜 居 性 維度的優異表現是其取得成功的關鍵,因為宜居性已經成 為評估都市居民日常生活的底線。

多 倫 多 在 人 口 結 構 方 面 排 名 前 十 ,宜 居 性 第 七 。審 視 在 這 一 維 度 排 名 靠 前 的 城 市 群 體 ,紐 約 、巴 黎 、倫 敦 、洛 杉 磯 、舊 金 山 和 阿 姆 斯 特 丹 依 次 排 在 多 倫 多 之 前 ,之 後 依 次 為 柏 林 、芝 加哥和斯德哥爾摩。這些城市都以其自身的方式成為城市文 化 的 全 球 模 範 ,多 倫 多 不 僅 能 夠 與 它 們 比 肩 ,並 且 在 城 市 生 活的關鍵領域表現更加優異。儘管多倫多在娛樂和名勝古蹟兩個變量僅排名第1 5 ,相對靠後,但在遷移吸引力排名第八位、活力城市排名第七、老年人福利排名第二,並在該維度最重要且與本調研城市整體成功關聯率高達91%的變量— 生活質量位居第一。

此外,多倫多在十個維度中的七個排名前十,在解決城市居民日常需求和困擾方面十分出色,尤其是在健康、安全和治安維度排名僅次於東京;成本維度排名第二;可持續發展和自然環境與首爾並列第三;智力資本和創新( 與阿姆斯特丹並列)及宜商環境排名第四。

Happy Monday / 開心星期一 @ Toronto & Markham - 2016.09.12

Monday, let us start the week rejoicing for our clients at #Toronto’s L’Amoreaux and #Markham’s #Berczy.  Although it was summer holiday, their properties were #sold quickly and at #AboveAskingPrice.  BIG CONGRATULATIONS!  We are happy for them.  Thank you for choosing and trusting us.

#HappyMonday #RealEstate #Broker #Agent #GetTheJobDone

星期一, 新的工作週, 就讓我們高興地、感恩地去開始。

恭喜恭喜!  我們在 #多倫多 L’Amoraux 和 #萬錦 #Berczy 的兩家客戶在暑假內, 迅速地以 #超叫價 賣出物業, 可喜可賀!  替他們高興之餘, 同時, 多謝他們挑選和信任我們團隊。

#開心星期一 #地產經紀 #物業代理 #專業服務 #妥貼周詳

Saturday, 10 September 2016

377 Roy Rainey Avenue, Wismer, Markham

According to TREB August data, the average selling price of a Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and Markham home was $710,410 and $943,398, respectively.   Finding a house in a sought-after Markham neighbourhood with a budget of $900K has been challenging.

If you are in the same boat, good news!  Check out 377 Roy Rainey Avenue, a 3+1 bedroom link house (connected merely by a garage wall) on a premium lot with beautiful landscaping and interlocking.  The basement is professionally finished with a separated entrance, a kitchen and a bedroom, offering plenty of potential.

377 Roy Rainey Avenue is located within the very Wismer Commons (Wismer) community. In addition to easy access to all amenities, Wismer has an impressive school network, for examples: John McCrae Primary School (ranked 63rd / 3037) and Bur Oak Secondary School (ranked 10th / 656).  It is a great home for a young family.

For more details, please refer to MLS # N3590209 or contact us.

根據 TREB 八月份數據, 大多倫多 和 萬錦樓房平均銷售價分別為 $71萬 及 $94萬。 以$80多萬預算去找一間位處 萬錦 「搶手」區域的屋, 實屬不易。

若閣下正尋找類似樓盤, 好消息!  答案可能就是在 Wismer社區的 377 Roy Rainey Avenue ( MLS # N3590209

[簡介] 萬錦市 3大房4衞 Link 屋, 9呎主層,多窗光猛明亮,間隔實用, 全屋實木地板,橡木樓梯,加州窗簾。升級廚房,不鏽鋼家電,大理石枱面, 專業完成土庫連廚房分門, 步行公園,
公車 及 名校 John McCrae 小學 (安省3037間排名63) Bur Oak 中學 (安省656間排名10) 
[ 地點有利,配套齊備,適合年青家庭。]

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Toronto Area Home Resale Market - August 2016

Greater Toronto Area(GTA) home re-sale market had a record August with 9,813 sales, 23% higher from August 2015.  (Note that there were 2 more working days this August).  Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) ’s read:-

Population in the GTA continues to grow.  The resulting growth in households coupled with favourable economic conditions and low borrowing costs means that we remain on track for another record year for home sales.

… with the number of new listings down compared to last year.  This situation continued to underpin very strong home price growth, inspective of home type or area.

We highlighted a few year-over-year top-line comparisons:- 

- Monthly sales increased by 23%; per working day sales increased by 13%
- August average selling price was $710,410 vs $603,534 last year
- “416 Area” average price: Detached= $1,207K; Semi= $775K; Townhome= $615K; Condo= $447K
- There are less than 10,000 active listings, about 2/3 of last year level

Should be be interested in finding out more on your local market condition and your property value, contact us for a no-obligation evaluation.

大多倫多地產市場又創歷來八月份交易新高,MLS系統錄得 9,813 宗買賣, 比去年同月量增23% (備注: 2015 8月少2工作天)  TREB 發言人描述市況:-

大多倫多人口不斷增長, 家庭數目繼續增加, 借貸成本持續偏低。 今年市場交投量邁向歷史新高。

隨着活着賣盤數目處於低水平, 不論地區或房屋類別, 價格有很大提升空間。

其他, 去年八月與今年八月的比較重點:-
  • 一個月成交量升幅23%; 若以每工作天計算, 13%
  • 平均銷售價為 $71, 上年價處 $604
  • “416”地區房屋平均價: 獨立屋 = $1207; 半獨立 = $775; 鎮屋 = $615; 屋苑 = $447
  • 活躍賣盤只有去年同期 2/3

有意更深入了解閣下區域市場狀況和物業估價, 歡迎來電查詢。